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The X Factor Recap: Thanksgiving Week Live Performances

November 22, 2011 08:01 PM by Candace Young

Tonight, the remaining 9 contestants on The X Factor will dedicate a song to someone who has made a difference in their lives or who inspires them in honor of Thanksgiving.  But make no mistake, this is very much still a competitive episode, as tomorrow night two of the hopefuls will be eliminated, joining ousted Stacy Francis from last week. Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul, and Nicole Scherzinger give their thanks before the show kicks off with contestant Rachel Crow…

Rachel Crow is dedicating her performance on The X Factor tonight to her family who adopted her at a young age, saving her from living in a crack house.  Rachel takes the stage looking more mature than ever and belts out I Believe by Yolanda Adams. She is positively sensational and brings the house down! L.A. says he really loved it. Nicole gushes that Rachel’s made a believer out of her and everyone in America. She calls her an inspiration and a bright light. Paula calls her an angel living on earth – she’s magnificent. Simon says it was a great vocal and a great performance.

Marcus Canty will be dedicating his song to the woman who has always been his biggest fan – his mom. He appears on stage and croons A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men.  His performance brings a tear to the eye, especially when he crouches down to look in his mother’s eyes and take her hand mid-song, and hugs her at the end. Nicole says he’s making all the other son’s look bad – that was precious and honest. Paula says every performance he gives is top-notch, but there was a special connection tonight. Simon notes Marcus has had a bit of a yo-yo ride, but tonight for the first time he felt a connection with his performance. L.A. says Marcus is as great a singer as he’s ever worked with.

Melanie Amaro will be giving thanks to God with her performance this week. Melanie looks amazing in a royal blue dress as she turns her incredible vocals on to sing The World’s Greatest by R Kelly accompanied by a choir. L.A. tells her she looks great, but she interrupts him to give an overwhelmed emotional thank you to Simon for bringing her back to the competition – he has no idea what it means. She cries and reverts to her accent as she says she’s dreamed of this moment all her life. Nicole is also crying as she asks Melanie for a hug. Paula says she’s been waiting for her vulnerability to come out – she should always show it. Paula irks Simon by telling Melanie she doesn’t need a choir. He says it was appropriate and tells Paula to shut up!  Simon then tells Melanie he’s very proud of her and urges people to make sure she’s not one of those going home tomorrow – she’s outstanding!

Chris Rene is dedicating his performance to Tim Fry, who was his counselor in rehab. Chris does a funky rap version of Let It Be by The Beatles followed by his own tune.  He gets right down in the crowd and invites them to sing along, and the judges move and groove along. Nicole comments on how powerful his performance was – she’s so grateful they have him in the competition. Paula says they’re back to where they fell in love with him in the first place. Simon didn’t think the first song worked, but the second one reminded them why they love him. He adds that he’s given hope to others facing what he did. L.A. believes in him.

Lakoda Rayne, the last group left in the competition, are giving thanks to the people who helped shape them into who they are today – two dads, a boyfriend, and a grandma. Sitting in vine-y looking swings, Lakoda Rayne performs You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. They sound quite good vocally and make great use of the stage. L.A. thought they did really good. Nicole felt like she was watching them in concert. Simon says it was their best performance – he genuinely wishes they weren’t going home tomorrow. Paula cries that the sky’s the limit and says she’s so, so proud.

LeRoy Bell will be giving thanks to his mom, Janice, this week on The X Factor. She was very supportive of him, and passed away nearly two years ago.  LeRoy performs In The Arms Of the Angels. L.A. says it was heartfelt, but not his very best. Paula couldn’t disagree more – it was his most beautiful performance because he was so connected to it. Simon says he has a lot of respect for L.A., but tonight he doesn’t agree with him. Simon says tonight thought he really made his mark this week. Nicole tells LeRoy this is his moment.

Astro, who made controversial remarks to Simon during last week’s results episode, will be thanking the supporters who stuck with him in the aftermath. He begins his performance with an apology shouted from the darkness, before launching into an intense rap, Tonight’s The Night. He also goes on to apologize again after his performance. Nicole believes in him – he’s a champion and advises him to always remain grateful. Paula says he’s well on his way to being prolific. Simon tells Astro he admires him, adding that the music industry needs unpredictability. L.A. feels Astro did the necessary thing tonight and that’s all he can ask.

Drew is dedicating her performance to her closest friend, Shelby, and she will be singing Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, because it’s their song.  Shelby watches and mouths the words from the audience as Drew performs the tune in her signature style of vocals. L.A. thinks the song is too old for her, but Drew defends the choice. Nicole thought she rocked it out this week. Paula says she’s a lovely friend and notes that a young artist sings the song. Simon is very proud of her and tells L.A. he’s sick to death of his pointless, stupid criticism – it’s complete and utter rubbish!

Josh Krajcik is up last on The X Factor tonight. He is dedicating his performance to his daughter, Rowan. His song choice reflects how hard it is for him to be away from her. Josh plays the piano and sings Wild Horses by Chantal Kreviazuk. It’s very powerful and everyone comes to their feet to applaud him. L.A. says he has everything it takes to win this competition. Paula says he’s larger than life – he’s brilliant. Simon says that’s what it’s all about – a great song and a great voice. Simon gives Nicole kudos. Nicole, who is crying, thanks Simon and tells Josh that beyond this competition his music can change the world.

Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson perform on tomorrow night’s episode when two hopefuls will be eliminated.

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