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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 23, 2011 07:39 PM by Ryan Haidet

19 new scenes from the first 27 days.  That’s what tonight’s special Thanksgiving week episode of Survivor: South Pacific promised.  But what it really turned out to be was a love fest for Cochran and Coach.  Nearly every new scene featured one or both of those guys as the central focus.  Outside of that, we also got our first true glimpse of Whitney and Keith’s romance on the island.  Yes, Cochran was involved with that scene, too.  What else was highlighted in the recap episode?  Read on for a breakdown of the new scenes.

I get it…  Coach and Cochran are definitely two of the biggest characters this season.  But tonight’s Thanksgiving rehash episode was so heavily saturated with their personalities that it got old — very fast.

If you missed the episode, which I’m assuming many people didn’t bother tuning in (Probst didn’t Tout or Tweet), I’ve got a breakdown of some of the new footage featured in the episode:

  • We saw a scene in which Cochran tried to gut a small fish.  “Back at home, I’m a real big  fan of animals. …  I do feel like the fish respect me, they understand me.”
  • Papa Bear called Cochran a kid in a man’s body.  “He has a good heart, it’s almost like I want to father him.”  Papa Bear took it to the next level and offered Cochran advice on how to pick up women in a bar.  He simply told him that saying nice things about their earrings would be the perfect way to impress.  So Cochran tried to practice that advice on Whitney.  It was very awkward and goofy to watch.  After Papa Bear walked away, Whitney told Cochran never to ask about earrings because it will give off the impression that he’s actually gay.
  • Day 15: Coach vented to Albert that Mikayla put two heaping spoonfuls of sugar into her morning coffee.  “She’s selfish!” he said in confessional.  Then, in a truly disgusting scene, Coach cooked up some rank pork fat (left over from the nasty challenge) and faked gagged on it.  He was mocking Mikayla who puked up some of the pork earlier that day.
  • Cochran rocked Elyse back and forth in a hammock at Savaii while telling her a story about pooping his pants in kindegarten.  Lovely.
  • “You have to make an effort not to seem too close,” Whitney said in confessional concerning her bond with Keith.  They were hoping nobody would notice how close they were becoming, but Cochran caught on.  “Keith and Whitney’s relationship is kind of a Pandora’s Box for me,” he said.  “On the one hand, I really really like both of them, but their super-close relationship is something that I’m hoping other people are noticing.”  Then at night, they snuggled together as Cochran shared their bed.
  • Ozzy had Cochran hold the body of a chicken as he swung the machete blade down at its neck.  Then, when the chicken was dead, Ozzy laughed at Cochran for the way in which he had been holding it.  “I can’t help but have the image burned to my mind of Cochran standing there holding it with his eyes closed and his mouth open,” Ozzy laughed in confessional at Cochran’s expense.
  • When the tribes merged, Coach thought Ozzy was acting ridiculous by sleeping on the ground and living in a terrible shelter.  “This is pathetic,” Coach said in confessional.  “You’ve got a love-making couple over there with Whitney and Keith shacking up in their own little love nest.  Like, who lives like that?  Who allows people to live like that?  Like, really, are you kidding me?  Ozzy, no wonder you’ve never won Survivor.  No wonder you always get blindsided.  Because you’re a friggin’ idiot. …  This is pathetic, man, Ozzy.  You call yourself an all-star Survivor and you want to come here and you want to build a shelter like that?  You should be ashamed of yourself.”
  • One night, Coach noticed that Cochran was sleeping by himself on the ground, so he started to show the kid some much-needed love.  The next morning, Coach pulled Cochran to the side to chat some mythology.  “I identify with Cochran on so many levels,” Coach said in confessional.  “When I look at Cochran, I see somebody who hasn’t been blessed with the best physique; I see somebody that has been blessed with an incredible mind.  But man, the poor kid.  Imagine what his life has been like.  Imagine what his self-esteem is like.  Nobody’s given him self-confidence in his life outside of his family.  Anything that I can do to give him courage and make him feel included, and loved, and valued and respected, I will do.”
  • As the unlikely duo talked about mythology, Coach offered up nicknames for everybody.  This is when he dubbed Cochran as Hercules.  “You are the most powerful man in the game,” he said.  Then, the focus turned to his own nickname.  “I thought that my name should be Zeus because Zeus is fatherly, right?  He looks after everybody and if somebody wrongs one of his children, he is ruthless in retribution,” Coach explained.  But Cochran didn’t see all of it in the same light.  “Despite Coach’s claims that Zeus is a doting father, I think Zeus ate his children,” Cochran said.  “And if he views me as one of his children as he kind of repeatedly has, I’m fearing that Coach may at some point devour me.”
  • After a discussion with Ozzy about possibly making an alliance, Coach summed up the entire game thus far.  “I don’t ever want to say Coach is in control — but I really think I’m in control.  In this game, the weak will become the strong, and the strong will become the weak.  That’s what Cochran is gonna do for the game.”

What did you think of the new footage?  Were you tired of seeing so much Cochran and Coach?  What surprised you the most?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

Survivor: South Pacific returns next week with an all-new episode.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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One Response to “Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Thanksgiving Leftovers”

  1. Eimee Says:
    November 24th, 2011 at 8:02 am

    This episode was boring. Watching Coach playing God, his thoughts, not mine. Cockroach the nerd, sry but truly is. Brandon the lunatic, etc….couldn’t done without this episode. Somehow, I still hope Ozzy wins cause when it comes down to it, he TRULY is the only one of these ppl who could survive ALONE !!!


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