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The Amazing Race Recap: Car Racing And Waffle Making

November 27, 2011 08:01 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS, the remaining contestants on The Amazing Race are in a car race to the finish line. Which teams can handle the speed?  Keep reading for all The Amazing Race details and learn which team was sent home!

Last week Amani and Marcus were the first to the pit stop, but they learned the race was still going on!  Teams must now travel to Belgium, so the contestants are still on the move.  Ernie and Cindy come in second place and are also shocked the race is not over for the day. The other teams finally reach Phil and are relieved the race isn’t over yet. 

Road Block:

Since Amani and Marcus can’t find directions to the next clue, Ernie and Cindy are the first to arrive at the road block. 

In this road block it’s all about speed!  A member of each team will drive a Ford Mustang through a course. Drivers must reach high speeds, complete an obstacle course and finish with some donuts.  Jeremy and Sandy are the second team to arrive at the road block.  Ernie is struggling with the car challenge, while Jeremy is sailing right through it.  Ernie does finish first, but Jeremy is right behind him.  The two teams are off to their next clue.  As the two teams leave, Amani and Marcus and Andy and Tommy arrive at the car challenge.  Bill and Cathi are the last team to arrive at the road block, but they aren’t too far behind the other teams.  All teams complete the car challenge and are headed to Gent.


Teams must choose between water or waffles in today’s detour.  Ernie and Cindy choose the waffle challenge.  In the waffle challenge teams must first build a waffle stand, and then bake 18 specific waffles.  Jeremy and Sandy are in second place and also choose to build a waffle stand.  Both Amani and Marcus and Andy and Tommy choose the water challenge. The teams need to build a raft to use in the canals.  While in the canal, teams must collect clues along the way.  Bill and Cathi are the last team to arrive and when they see the teams struggling with the waffles they decide to do the water challenge.  Jeremy and Sandy are having major issues with the waffle challenge; they are missing a detail on one of their 18 waffles.  Finally the couple figures out the waffle challenge, but Cathi and Bill aren’t far behind.

Pigeon Racing:

Teams must now release pigeons!  It’s actually a simple challenge, a trainer just opens up a cage and hundreds of pigeons fly out.   After releasing the pigeons, the trainer then hands the contestants an address.  Teams must now drive to the address to locate the pigeon and the next clue. Ernie and Cindy are first to release the pigeons, but they get lost trying to find the address.  Andy and Tommy are the first team to retrieve the pigeons and get the clue to the final pit stop.  Andy and Tommy are the winners of this leg of the race.  Ernie and Cindy were way ahead of everyone, so they must have gotten really lost.  Jeremy and Sandy finish in second place, while Ernie and Cindy finish in third place.  The fourth spot goes to Amani and Marcus, which means Bill and Cathi are the last team to arrive at the pit stop. The grandparents have come a long way in this race.  After being eliminated Bill tells Phil, “It has been a wonderful race and we have enjoyed every minute of it.”

What do you think of the final four teams left in The Amazing Race?  Let us know, leave a comment below.   

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