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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Birthday Party Gets Ridiculous!

November 27, 2011 09:20 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Bravo the girls from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta gather to celebrate Kandi’s birthday. To spice up the party Phaedra brings a special gift for the birthday girl! Keep reading to find out what the surprise is; trust me you don’t want to miss this!

Phaedra stops by Kim’s house to apologize for the baby shower brawl.  At least Phaedra admits that she was embarrassed about the whole situation.  Kim mentions that Cynthia didn’t apologize and she didn’t even bring a gift! 

Speaking of Cynthia, she drops by Peter’s new bar with her sister.  Apparently the relationship between Peter and Cynthia’s sister is still very rocky. 

Cynthia leaves the room, so her sister and Peter can hash it out.  “I didn’t marry you, I married Cynthia,” Peter says right out of the gate.  Peter is being very aggressive, so Cynthia steps back into the room. Cynthia, you need to control your man!  It doesn’t seem this conversation has smoothed anything over. 

Kandi, Phaedra and Sheree meet up to look at a place for Kandi’s 35th birthday party.  Kandi is slightly depressed because she is single and turning 35, so she wants to throw herself a party! Kandi does warn the girls that NeNe is invited.  While Kandi excuses herself, Phaedra tells Sheree she is going to bring a surprise to the party.  “For a girl like Kandi, my gift will be right up her alley,” Phaedra tells the cameras. 

NeNe meets up with Kandi to go shoe shopping.  Kandi talks about her birthday party and guests, immediately NeNe isn’t happy about Sheree attending. 

Onto Kim who is prepping for her baby.  Kim has a baby nurse come by the house to teach her about taking care of the baby’s penis.  She is scared of the circumcision process but Kim admits, “I don’t want him growing up with his pee-pee wearing a turtleneck!”

NeNe stops by Cynthia’s house for some girl time.  Of course, Peter gets in on the conversation.  NeNe drops the bomb that she and Greg recently had sex.  The conversation then turns to Cynthia’s sister, Peter is still very angry about the situation. 

It is back to Sheree’s construction site and she is not happy with the progress.  Phaedra gently reminds the contractor that she is an attorney and she doesn’t want to sue him.  Then in true Phaedra style, she turns around to show him her booty!  A bootylicious, sassy, attorney – that’s Phaedra!

Malorie, Cynthia’s sister, and her husband stop by Cynthia’s modeling school.  Again the conversation turns to Malorie and Peter’s relationship.  The fight heats up when Malorie mentions she doesn’t want Cynthia giving Peter any money. 

It’s Kandi’s birthday party!  Kandi is getting her make-up done and telling her manager that she feels old.  Kandi wants a man in her life, but if at 37 no man is there, a sperm donor will do.  Phaedra meets up with Kandi and the two head off to the rooftop soirée.   Everyone, including Kandi’s mom, has shown up for the party.  Even Lawrence, Sheree’s hairdresser, shows up looking all crazy.  Phaedra calls it like she sees it, “Lawrence looks like Mr. T dipped in Wonder Woman – super hero of the south!”   

Then NeNe walk in screaming to let everyone know that she has entered the building.  Sheree and Phaedra want nothing to do with NeNe or Cynthia.  Phaedra describes is as, “the crypts and the bloods.”  Kandi is the one neutral person in the group.  It’s gift time! 

Phaedra rolls out a big red box and says she had a “little chocolate for Kandi.”  Out of the box pops, “Ridiculous” who is a well-endowed male stripper.  This is the stripper that Phaedra has been talking about.  Kandi’s mom is not pleased and leaves the room.  She left just in time, because Ridiculous puts his penis in Kandi’s drink and then he puts his own penis in his mouth!  Let’s just say the guests are blown away!  Some guests, including NeNe, are turned off by the whole stripper performance.  Then Kandi’s mom gets very upset about the situation and she yells at Kandi.  Kandi gets embarrassed because she was just yelled at by her mother like she was five.  Does Kandi’s mom know she is starting her own sex toy line? 

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