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The Biggest Loser Recap: Makeover Week Reveals The Final Four

November 29, 2011 07:58 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, it was Thanksgiving week, and we said goodbye to Ramon after some serious game playing went down. This week, it’s everyone’s favorite time of the season – makeover week! But once the fun was over, who made the final four? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser was back tonight for makeover week! Before the contestants got their makeovers, there was work for them though. The remaining five contestants met up with Alison Sweeney to do the famous “put the weight back on” challenge, with the winner getting a one pound advantage at the weigh in. Sunny was determined to win, as were Antone and John, and it was a fight to the finish. Antone tried desperately to keep up, but at the end, he could not get up the energy to beat out John. John wound up winning the challenge, much to Sunny and Antone’s dismay. After the challenge, Ali announced that the contestants would head out for their makeovers, but they were also treated to a year’s worth of soup and $5,000.00 courtesy of Progresso.

Next, the remaining five contestants met up with fashion guru, Jeannie Mai, who took them shopping in Beverly Hills. Nothing thrilled the contestants more than shopping, well, except for shopping without a budget. Jeannie had fun with the contestants, which included putting Antone back into a suit, showing John the benefit of colors, giving the girls some much needed confidence, and making Vinny ditch the overalls. Then it was off to Ken Paves for some new hairstyles! Then, they donned their new looks on the red carpet for hundreds of folks at the Kodak Theater! They all looked amazing, but by far the most incredible transformation was Becky – she looked 10 years younger than when she first hit the ranch.

Becky was first up to meet with her husband, who was amazed to see her. But Becky was also amazed as she saw her husband, who had lost 50 pounds at home! Then he got down on his knee, and put her wedding ring back on her finger because she couldn’t wear it prior due to her weight. Then one by one, the contestants met up with their spouses, who were all amazed by the transformations. After the makeovers, Vinny and his girlfriend sat down with Bob Harper to chat about how tough it is going to be when they get back home, since everyone knows him as “big Vinny.” Then we watched as each of the trainers sat down with the contestants and their spouses to discuss how to be accountable at home, so they may continue their healthy lifestyles.

Then it was time for the trainers to take over on The Biggest Loser, as it was time for their last chance workouts. Who would survive the weigh in this week and make it into the final four? This is how the players fared this week on their last week at the ranch:

from 202 lbs to 201 lbs (-1) total percentage of .5%

from 331 lbs to 323 lbs (-8) total percentage of 2.42%

from 177 lbs to 172 lbs (-5) total percentage of 2.82%

from 324 lbs to 314 lbs (-10) total percentage of 3.09%

from 305 lbs to 296 lbs (-9) total percentage of 3.28% with the 1 lb advantage

This meant that Antone and Sunny were under the yellow line, and fighting for a spot in the final four. Both Sunny and Antone pleaded their cases as to why they should be a part of the final four, but it was then up to the remaining three. Becky was up first and she chose to send Sunny home, because she felt that Sunny had a great chance at winning the at home prize. When it was John’s turn, he also chose to send Sunny home, as he wanted Antone in the competition as it would push him. So with two votes, Sunny was sent packing this week, but she will be back for the marathon. Since being home, Sunny has lost an additional 10 pounds.

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