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Sunny Sinclair Has No Hard Feelings Since Her Elimination

December 01, 2011 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ

This week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we said goodbye to Sunny Sinclair, but not before she was treated to a makeover. In her post elimination interview, Sunny was very positive and holds no hard feelings against the remaining players. Read on for more of what Sunny Sinclair had to say!

The Biggest Loser‘s Sunny Sinclair was eliminated this week, but despite not making the final four, or not even getting one vote for her stay, Sunny revealed that she has no hard feelings. Sunny is continuing her journey at home, in hopes of kicking some serious butt at the finale, but could that mean she won the marathon and got a spot? We won’t know that until next week, but in the meantime, check out Sunny’s interview below.

Question: How hard is your schedule to keep up on as you train for the finale, and will you keep up such an intense schedule after the finale?

Sunny Sinclair: You know it is tough to get up, especially when it’s still dark out and cold. Luckily, my husband is there to get me out of bed. it’s not easy, taking care of family, and trying to keep up this schedule.
I won’t do the same routine after the finale, just because it’s so intense right now, but I will definitely get in one of those activities each day. I will continue part of it after the finale.

Question: Do you have any favorite bloopers or something funny to share, that maybe we didn’t see on the show?

Sunny Sinclair: You know, at the weigh in every week, we would have a secret word or phrase we would throw out on the scale. The silent dance party was one, the Halloween episode was full moon. Those were always fun. In the middle of one of my interviews, a fly flew in and I ate it – I ate the fly – that was kind of crazy, and I don’t think you got to see that. The off camera moments of just getting silly and laughing were fun. We all got to know each other so well, we really had a good time.

Question: Why do you think that John wanted you gone so bad?

Sunny Sinclair: It’s a funny thing because I always felt I got along well with everyone. I am so non confrontational. I don’t know where it began, or what the reason was that john didn’t take a liking to me. When I called him out on the comments he made to Antone about me – from that day he was not very happy with me. He also kept to himself a lot and kind of did his own thing. I don’t know where the animosity came from, but he has worked hard and done well so I commend him on that.

Question: As a teacher, how does it feel to be setting an example for your students?

Sunny Sinclair: My students are thrilled for me. Every Wednesday when they come in after the show, they are just tickled. I gained so many life lessons while there that I can share with the kids. I take a few minutes every Wednesday to answer questions. They were thrilled to be on the show this week. It is important for me
to be a good role model – which I haven’t been in the past. Now, it is nice to be that kind of example of living right and making good choices. It’s nice to be able to share the life lessons I learned at the ranch here.

Question: What are your thoughts on Anna Kournikova leaving The Biggest Loser?

Sunny Sinclair: I don’t know how it all came about, but I can tell you first hand that working with her was great – I love that girl. She is one of those “what you see is what you get” people. She doesn’t play games, and she is a good person – a genuine person. When she came on, her intentions were to help people and that is what she did for me. She is such a down to earth person, and a really good girl. I learned a lot from her that I take with me to this day, and will for the rest of my life. When I am struggling, I just think of her words and they help me. Anna is an awesome trainer, and an even better person.

Question: What do you think about Bob Harper’s prediction that John will gain all his weight back, and who do you think will end up winning?

Sunny Sinclair: I am not into predicting who will keep it off and who will gain it back – it is a personal process for each of us. I definitely plan to keep it off and I know it is now a complete lifestyle change for me. As for a winner, it’s anybody’s game really. All the people in the finale are hard workers and put it all out there. Whoever wins, deserves it.

Question: What do you think of all three age groups being represented in the finale?

Sunny Sinclair: Clearly age is just a number, it’s really about detemination and going for what you want. I can speak for everyone at the ranch, when I say that your mindset changes regardless of your age. You can see accomplishments of everyone in every age group, and this shows that it is never too late to turn your life around.

Question: Were your surprised that Becky voted you off the ranch?

Sunny Sinclair: Becky and I were very close at ranch and still are. Becky, Antone, and Vinny were all part of Bob’s team, and I understand her reasoning. She assumed – rightfully so – that John would be voting for me, and Vinny would as well, so in her mind she needed to stick with the majority was doing to keep things good between she and Antone. I don’t blame her for her vote, and I had a lower percentage, so Antone deserved it more.

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