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Survivor: South Pacific — Exit Interview With Whitney Duncan

December 02, 2011 12:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

Country singer Whitney Duncan was the last loyal Savaii tribe member left standing when she was voted out of Te Tuna on Survivor: South Pacific.  She was sent to Redemption Island where she lost the dish-stacking duel to Ozzy, which resulted in her becoming the fourth member of the jury.  In a conference call with reporters, Whitney talked about her thoughts on Cochran and also spilled the beans (sort of) about her relationship with Keith in and out of the game.  I even asked her if she and Keith have wedding bells in the future.  What did she have to say?  Read on to find out!

Question: Do you have any hard feelings toward Cochran for flipping?

Whitney Duncan: I wouldn’t say I hold any grudges.  Still, obviously, when you watch it back every Wednesday night you have to go through all of those emotions all over again.  I definitely would say that I’ve been upset by the move.  Cochran said it best (in the episode) actually, if the debt is not repaid it will go down as one of the most idiotic moves in Survivor history.  I saw it.  I saw that it was not a smart move.  He even admitted that he was humiliated.  I really hate that he was that gullible to believe Coach’s line of BS, honestly.  I don’t hold any grudges, I don’t know if that’s the right way to put it.  But yeah, you do have to go through all those emotions all over again.

Question: If Savaii would have stuck together and wiped out Upolu, what would your strategy have been at that point?

Whitney Duncan: I think the whole tribe would agree, Ozzy would have gone sixth.  For sure.  We needed to get him out, obviously.  It’s an individual Immunity, so you would want to take out the biggest threats.  In my mind it would have been Ozzy, Jim.  Cochran was the perfect person.  In my mind, I had him going to the final three with me.  Of course, because it’s an individual Immunity, I certainly didn’t think he was gonna beat me.  That was kind of my plan.  I had a great alliance with Dawn, I had a great alliance with Keith and I felt very secure in that.

Question: In a Ponderosa video, you describe having an unstoppable connection with Keith.  What was it about Keith that made you have such a strong connection?

Whitney Duncan: That’s a great question.  I don’t know if I can really explain that.  Who in the world would have thought I would have fallen in love on Survivor out of all places?  If somebody would have told me that, I would have said they were nuts.  Not gonna happen.  That’s crazy.  We have a lot in common.  We both had heart surgery and a lot of health issues early on in life.  I feel like we kind of grew up in very similar families; just a lot of the same goals in life and what’s important to us.  I really can’t put a finger on one thing.  It’s like finding someone that you have such a crazy connection with.  I’ve never felt that in my entire life.

Question: What is your response to some of the headlines regarding your relationship with Keith?  Keith said he wants to reveal the truth at the finale.  Is there anything you can add to that?

Whitney Duncan: Obviously, a lot of it will be addressed (at the finale), like what’s going on now, what’s happening to date.  But, obviously, I can say I did fall in love.  I was in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship and who in the world would have thought I would have found love on Survivor?  Sounds insane, right?  But that’s really all I can say.  I’m normally very private when it comes to my personal life.  I always have been, you know, being in the country music industry.  I’ve never come out and talked about any relationship I’ve had, so I don’t necessarily plan on starting now just because someone is deciding to put out some info that obviously everybody is taking to heart and believing 100 percent, which is funny.  But that’s just it.

Question: Is there any potential for a wedding between you and Keith?

Whitney Duncan: I’m only talking about the game today.  But like I said, there will be some stuff at the reunion show to get you up to speed.

Question: How were you selected to be on the show?

Whitney Duncan: I actually talked to them about being on Nicaragua.  At the time I was with Warner Brothers.  It just didn’t work out, so they called me for South Pacific.  I’m a huge fan of the show and it’s always something I’ve wanted to do.  No doubt for me, I was there.  I was like, “Absolutely, I’d love to do it.”  I never thought I would actually get selected because there’s so many people that want to be on the show.  I don’t really think I’m that interesting.  It was pretty awesome to find out I was gonna be on the show.  I had an amazing time.  By far, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

Question: If your experience on Survivor would be a country song, what would you call it?

Whitney Duncan:  That’s difficult.  Hmmmm.  I’d have to think about that.  I’m a big song person, so that’s gonna send me into a really analytical (long pause)… long time mulling that one over.

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