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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: The Phaedra Show

December 04, 2011 08:46 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Bravo, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are still recovering from the infamous stripper incident. Phaedra apologizes to Kandi for causing a scene and upsetting her mother. Plus, Cynthia tries to host a fashion event. Keep reading to find out all the details from tonight’s RHOA.

Kandi is shopping at her own store when Phaedra stops by with a peace offering.  Phaedra is apologizing for bringing the well-endowed stripper to Kandi’s birthday party and upsetting her mother. 

It seems that Kandi’s mom is not even returning Kandi’s calls.  Phaedra might be sorry, but the girls think the stripper should be in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum.  And when Kandi asks if Phaedra could please herself would she?  “I probably would never go to work,” then she and Kandi break out into laughter.  The girls eat some cake and talk about NeNe. 

All the girls, even Lawrence, come out to support Cynthia who is hosting a runway show.  Let’s just say that Cynthia should stick to wearing the gowns and not talking about them.  Cynthia makes so many mistakes and has to “correct” herself many times, very embarrassing!  Phaedra summed it up, “You want to look at models not really hear them.”  

Cynthia’s mother sits down with her girls to try to hash out their relationship.  Cynthia admits that one of Peter’s investors fell through, so she is giving him money.  Immediately Cynthia’s sister starts to cry and it furious that she would give Peter more money.  “I feel like I need to be there for him,” Cynthia tells her sister. 

Sheree is playing with her youngest children in the park, while her ex-hubby stops by.  Bob and Sheree sit down and try to hash some financial stuff out.  Apparently Bob hasn’t paid child support for four years! Bob doesn’t seem to care and tells Sheree to go to court.  The conversation ends with Sheree throwing a bottle of water in his face and him calling her evil. 

Now onto the pregnant mama, Kim, who is hanging out with her daughter Brielle. 

Brielle is a normal teen, who is grossed out that her mom is even having sex.  But Brielle’s main worry is that the baby is going to change the family.  Kim assures her daughter that only good is going to come from the baby.

NeNe is in the building, hanging with Peter and Cynthia, at Peter’s new bar.  NeNe is hosting the sneak preview of the bar, because “she is a big celebrity in Atlanta.” Now that NeNe is gone, Cynthia tells Peter that if he needs money she will give it to him.  Peter says that he will handle the money situation and that he doesn’t need her money. 

Watch out Bob, because Sheree is thinking about hiring Phaedra to be her attorney to collect child support.  Sheree tears up at the thought of doing this to her children’s father, so she decides to hold off for now. 

Kandi is stopping by her mom’s house to try to smooth things over.  Kandi reminds her mother that they had a stripper at her baby shower. Huh??  Her mom thought it was very rude of Phaedra to bring the stripper.  Kandi tears up because she feels it is just her, her mom and Riley. 

It’s the premiere of Bar One and as guests are arriving Peter is still cleaning up.  It looks like a garage with ladders all around and the air conditioning  isn’t working, so everyone is sweating!  Apparently Sheree and Lawrence feel like they are driving to the hood to get to this new “upscale” bar.  Phaedra snipes, “bar one will be successful because hood folks got to drink too.”  The co-host of the night, NeNe, isn’t at the bar yet and Peter is getting mad.

NeNe finally shows up, very late to the party, and said she had a serious situation to take care of.  Sheree can’t believe that Cynthia isn’t pissed at NeNe for showing up late.  Phaedra jokes, “Cynthia loves NeNe like a fat kid likes cake.” 

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Phaedra stole the show tonight? Let us know, comment below!

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