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Next Great Baker Recap: Basic Skills And Life-Sized Cakes

December 05, 2011 08:15 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week, we saw the season two premiere of Next Great Baker on  TLC, and tonight, The cake boss, Buddy Valastro, was back with the remaining twelve contestants. This week, the hopefuls would be making life-sized cakes, but would they be good enough to impress Buddy’s family? Read on for all the highlights!

Next Great Baker kicked off the second episode tonight as the remaining twelve bakers were put to a basic cake challenge. For this challenge, they would break up into teams of three, and each team would construct a basic cake – Buddy style of course! It had to have the perfect frosting, piping, a flower on top and it had to say Next Great Baker. The challenge was run relay style, with the first perfect cake finished, would be the winning cake. Each contestant had to choose a piping bag, and the color of the frosting determined the teams.

Nadine, who was teamed up with Megan and Ryan, rocked out the piping like a pro, while Minerva, who was teamed with Marissa and Heather, was moving like a snail. Meanwhile, Carmelo, Jasmine and Heather G had problems with Heather perfecting the flower which delayed them. The first team up was Chad, Tony and Wesley, but Tony’s piping was not up to par for Buddy’s liking and the cake was sent back. However, when Megan finally finished up her flower, her team wound up winning the challenge, and a big advantage for the next challenge!

For winning the challenge, Ryan, Megan, and Nadine were awarded team captains for the next challenge. Buddy chose the teams and they ended up as Megan, Heather, Tony, and Minerva on one team, while Nadine was joined by Carmelo, Wesley, and Chad. Ryan was joined by all girls, as he was given Marissa, Jasmine, Heather. Next, Buddy dished out the challenge: creating a life-sized sculpture cake based on a model. Then the models were introduced as none other than Buddy’s three sisters. The teams were each given cameras to take as many photos of their models as they needed, and Buddy informed the teams, that whoever won the challenge would get to keep the cameras.

This challenge proved to be tough for all three teams, and none of the cakes looked much like Buddy’s sisters, instead they resembled monsters. After transporting their creations, Buddy surprised his sisters with their cakes, and all three of his sisters were disgusted by their cake selves, while Buddy said he didn’t even feel good crowing a winner in this challenge. Instead, Buddy thought the winner would be crowned as “winner of the stupids,” and then he had the cakes steamrolled, much to the contestants’s dismay, but also to his sisters’ delight!

Then on Next Great Baker, Buddy awarded Ryan’s team with “king of the stupids” because he thought the structure of the cake was good, but that was about all. When Megan’s team was questioned about their cake, Megan placed the blame on Tony for the horrible structure, but Tony turned around and blamed Megan for her poor leadership. Buddy thought that Megan’s team did worse, and then he sent Nadine’s team back to safety. With an elimination coming, Heather G was then sent off of Megan’s team and to safety.

Megan was then also sent to safety, leaving Tony and Minerva behind for elimination, and Buddy thought that Minerva had the least amount of experience and should be sent home. But, Minerva was not taking it lightly and objected to Buddy’s decision, while she bashed Tony, which led Buddy to rethink his decision. Instead of sending Minerva home, Tony was sent packing for not opening his mouth and standing up for himself.

Be sure to check out TLC’s official Next Great Baker site for more information on the season two contestants, and contestant videos. This season promises to full of fun, drama, and of course, cake! Tune into the season premiere of Next Great Baker on TLC this Monday at 9, and visit us after the show for a full recap, and to share your comments with us!

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Photos courtesy of TLC

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