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Next Great Baker: Tony Frys Elimination Interview

December 07, 2011 03:04 PM by Lisa Princ

This week on TLC‘s Next Great Baker we watched as Tony Frys was sent packing after a disastrous life-sized cake did not impress Buddy Valastro. However, it was actually Tony’s inability to speak up and fight for his spot, that made Buddy let him go. In a post elimination interview, Tony says he should have fought more. Read on to hear what else Tony had to say!

Next Great Baker kicked off the second episode this week, as a life-sized cake challenge turned into a nightmare for Buddy and his three sisters, who were the models for the cakes. Tony Frys became the next victim of Buddy’s chopping block, but not for his effort! Instead, Tony was eliminated because he did not fight for his spot on the show. In a post elimination interview, Tony dished about his time on the show and shared how he should have been more vocal. Check out Tony’s interview below.

RTVM: Your elimination was a bit of a shocker. How do you feel about it all?

Tony Frys: It was definitely the biggest shocker to me, and it happened so fast.

RTVM: If you could go back and do it over, would you?

Tony Frys: I would probably go back and I should have fought more. After the competition, and the freezer challenge, I just exhausted and out of it by that point.

RTVM: Were you ever planning on leaving that freezer?

Tony Frys: You know, I didn’t want to give up. We were both looking at each as neither of us wanted to give up. We were both stubborn and finally decided to just split the prize. I told him I was not leaving, I swear I saw ice building on my shoes.

RTVM: Can you tell us about you and Megan butting heads on your team?

Tony Frys: Butting heads is an understatement. Megan is really a great person, but we had no chemistry to work together. Our problem was in that we had different points of view – she had her ideas and I had mine. We just couldn’t agree.

RTVM: Do you think the outcome would have been different if you had been the leader, or if the team in general had a different leader?

Tony Frys: I think if there was a different leader, there would have been a different outcome. I had a different approach, and it would have meant that I had more say in the matter.

RTVM: What was the best part of the competition for you?

Tony Frys: As crazy as this sounds, it was the freezer challenge. I had so much fun doing that.

RTVM: What does your future hold?

Tony Frys: A lot of things actually. Right now, I am solely focused on my business. Fans can keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Best of luck to Tony Frys! Be sure to check out TLC’s official Next Great Baker site for more information on the season two contestants, and contestant videos.

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Photos courtesy of Discovery/TLC

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