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Tori & Dean Recap: Party 911

December 07, 2011 08:08 AM by Ashley Lee

Party planning, pregnancy, sour skittles and a whole lot of silly string—last night’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood was chaotic, barely contained within the one-hour time frame. When the episode begins, Tori and Dean are the only ones who know that they’re expecting, and Tori hopes to keep the news of her pregnancy completely under wraps until she reaches her second trimester (for superstition’s sake, she says). But apparently, the early stages of pregnancy are the perfect two weeks to stage four lavish theme parties and shoot 140 photos for a party planning book (set for release in April 2012). It’s always been a passion of Tori’s, so she hires James to be the project’s art director.

Tori also “hires” Dean to execute an exciting Ghostbusters-themed party in celebration of Liam’s 4th birthday—an event that includes a homemade haunted house, makeshift “proton packs,” face painting, costumes and cake. And though Dean is more than happy to do it— and enlist the kids to help paint fake apartment buildings — it’s still a huge task, especially when he is asked to guest host Access Hollywood and cook with Top Chef’s Marcel Vigneron.

Meanwhile, Tori and James begin shooting photos for the book and, in an effort to save time, they plan two “parties” in one day. Though the initial “spa day” party goes off without a hitch, the shoot runs long and into “game night.” Mud baths and cupcakes are immediately swapped for domino-decorated cookies and bingo cake balls; both shoots on that first day are a decadent success.

Yet it is the second day of “partying” that stirs up trouble — missing plates, melting cakes and a disagreement between Tori and James about how much attention actually should be paid to details causes James to walk out of the shoot. “Tori wants everything perfect, which I get, but we have to have a book by the end of this shoot,” James says to the camera. “We can’t just have three or four amazing shots.”

It’s hard to watch Tori tell Dean about her argument with James and then break down into tears over the kitchen counter. Maybe it’s from the hormones, maybe it’s from stress; maybe it really is from fighting with her best friend. “Who knew that cabinets and tables and cake plates could be so exhausting?” After a quick voice-over session for Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Tori returns to the partnership project and makes up with James.

“I’m a little nervous—in fact, I just peed a little bit—but I’m hoping to get over that as the show goes on.” Dean’s gig as a guest host on Access Hollywood goes off without a hitch, and so does Liam’s backyard birthday celebration, thanks to his own party planning skills: even though he is still painting props only fifteen minutes before guests arrive, the birthday party is an absolute success. In fact, it probably should’ve been photographed for Tori’s book. “Proton packs” filled with silly string, a scary house haunted with ghosts, and a huge cake that is both delicious and entertaining. “See, Liam really is my son,” says Tori. “He loves the gays too. He picked a cake that mixes hot dogs and rainbows…need I say more?”

All afternoon, Tori denies pregnancy guesses from guests. When asked if she’s pregnant, she responds with “That’s just how the dress is made,” and “My friends told me to burn this dress.” Yet they do share the secret with Candy Spelling at the end of Liam’s birthday party. Candy shares, “For a while Tori and I were not so friendly, and I’m glad to be there for her from the beginning with this baby.” Tori and Dean also spills the beans to close friends after wrapping up the last party shoot.

But the most heartwarming part of the episode was when the two proud parents told Liam and Stella of the upcoming addition to their family unit. It’s hilarious too—Liam says that babies come from “balls,” Stella proclaims that she has a “bagina” and if the new baby is a girl, Stella will call her a “princess” while Liam will call her “Spidey.” So it seems there’s no need to brainstorm baby names, but booking a babysitter may be wise, since Liam makes his big brother role very clear: “I don’t wanna touch the poop.”

The episode ends with the family enjoying the news from the comfort of their own home. However, according to next week’s preview, it seems like their little secret is out earlier than they expected. Did you watch last night’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

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