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Chris Harrison Talks About Ben Flajnik’s Upcoming Season on The Bachelor

December 08, 2011 11:48 AM by Candace Young

Reality TV Magazine recently caught up with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison to get the scoop on the upcoming season featuring Ben Flajnik, which is set to debut on ABC in January. Keep reading after the jump to find out why Chris feels Ben was not ready to find love again initially, and what to expect as The Bachelor franchise celebrates its tenth year…

RTVM: The Bachelor is ready to kick-off again in January featuring Ben Flajnik from Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette. Some were surprised that he chose to put himself out there again after such a public disappointment. In your opinion, was Ben truly able to open himself up to the possibility of finding love again so soon?

Chris: In my opinion, to begin with, no. I think he said all the right things, but I think he would even come back and answer that the first night, when they started, he was a little skeptical and maybe even a little cavalier about the whole process. I think he felt like, ‘as a man I need to prove I’m over this and I’m okay’, but I don’t know if he necessarily was. I think you’ll see him evolve over the season, and then you’ll realize, “You know what, back in the beginning I don’t think he was that ready.” But he definitely evolves into one of, if not our most, sincere bachelor ever. He is definitely that emotional, heart-on-your-sleeve kind of guy you got to know and love in Ashley’s season.

RTVM: We’ve heard there is a fair amount of drama and emotion this season.

Chris: It’s a great show with all the trappings that make The Bachelor so good. The women are dynamic, they are emotional [laughs]; they are a roller coaster ride. So you get all of that, but on top of it all you have this great guy kind of running the show, and it was fun to go through it with them.

RTVM: The Bachelor trailer alludes to a person we’ve seen before popping up – what can you say about that?

Chris: The trailer is fantastic. I watched it and was like, “Damn, that’s a good show, I’m going to watch that show!” You kind of forget a lot of the things that happened along the way, because you get to the end and those things stand out more in my mind. But, man, it was really good from night one. Obviously the women knew it was Ben, so there was almost this bit of ‘celebrity’ that this guy is our bachelor – so they are clamoring for him from the minute we get going, and yeah, there is a surprise visitor from his past. How they got connected is very interesting – you’ll see it play out – but that definitely shakes things up. The way the women handle it is shocking, and the way Ben handles it – I was even more shocked and surprised. That episode, at the time, was my favorite. I thought, “We’re never going to top this,” but then the show gets even better.

RTVM: It sounds like an exciting season.

Chris: It’s our tenth anniversary, and I’m very proud to say that this [season] will live up to ten years of this franchise.

The Bachelor debuts Monday January 5, 2012 on ABC at 9:00 PM EST.

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