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The Amazing Race Recap: The Winners Are…

December 11, 2011 07:47 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS, the final three teams fight for the million dollar prize on The Amazing Race. It’s a fight to the finish line, but one team wins it all. Keep reading to find out which team crossed the finish line first on The Amazing Race!

Jeremy and Sandy are the first to depart on the last leg of the race.

The teams learn they are travelling to Atlanta, Georgia.  Amani and Marcus have “home field advantage” because they are from Atlanta.  All the teams meet up at the airport and catch the same flight to Atlanta.  Teams are ready to do whatever it takes to win this last leg of the race, they have their game faces on. 

Teams arrive in Atlanta and immediately begin sprinting off the plane.  Flight Safety is the first stop for the contestants.  Using a flight simulator teams must successfully land a plane.  When the team’s flight is over, they will receive the next clue.  All teams arrive at the same time, so it’s whoever can conquer the flight challenge first.  Cindy actually makes a mistake, so Cindy and Ernie fail their first attempt.  Jeremy and Sandy nail the landing on their first try, so they are in first place.  After three attempts, Ernie and Cindy leave in second place. Amani and Marcus are really struggling at the simulator challenge. After numerous tries Amani and Marcus are in last place, way behind the other teams.

Teams are given a clue to find “the former residence known as the dump.”  The dump is actually the residence of the author of Gone With The Wind.  Jeremy and Sandy get some bad information from a person on the street that “the dump” is an old Home Depot.  They do find a store called “the dump” but they are not going to find a clue.  Cindy and Ernie feel they better win the race, since they feel they are superior to the other teams in the race.  Cindy and Ernie do find the house first and reach the road block.  Finally after searching the entire “dump” store Jeremy realizes they must not be in the right spot.  They ask someone on the street for a phone with internet and finally get the correct answer. 

Road Block

Working with an old fashion typewriter, teams must type out their next clue.  The typewriter is missing the number one, so they have to use a lowercase letter L in its place.  Cindy is mad that Ernie chooses to do the road block.  Ernie realizes there is no one on the typewriter and becomes frustrated, but looked at the type face keys to figure out which letter looks like the number one.  Finally Sandy is a the road block and she quickly completes the challenge. 

Teams only have three numbers to figure out where they are headed to next. The three numbers should lead them to Turner Field, but it’s not going to be easy to figure out.  The numbers correlate with an athlete’s record.  Ernie and Cindy head to a computer and pretty quickly figure out they need to head to Turner field.  Jeremy and Sandy also use the internet to figure out Turner Field is the place they need to be.

It’s a giant map challenge.  While hanging in the air, one team member will have to plot their course throughout the entire race.  Cindy is up on the map, while Ernie is on the ground shouting answers to her.  Cindy quickly completes the map challenge and they are headed to the pit stop.  Second to the map challenge are Jeremy and Sandy, where they complete the task quickly.  Jeremy and Sandy are now headed to the pit stop too.   

The taxis pull into the Swan house and Ernie and Cindy hop out of the cab!  Ernie and Cindy are the first team to cross the finish line and win The Amazing Race. 

Only minutes later, Jeremy and Sandy arrive and take second place.  Which means Amani and Marcus finish the race in third place.  

Do you think Ernie and Cindy deserved to win?  Let us know your comments about this season of The Amazing Race. 

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