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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Kim Zolciak’s Having A Baby!

December 11, 2011 08:58 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on Bravo, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is all about Kim Zolciak’s delivery!  Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s RHOA episode.

“Don’t forget my wig,” Kim yells to her assistant as she is leaving for her doctor’s appointment.  Kroy and Kim are at the doctor’s and learn it’s time for the baby to come out!  “Whatever I say and do today don’t hold it against me,” Kim tells Kroy.  Kim is very nervous about the delivery, because last time her epidural didn’t work. 

Cynthia is hanging out in her closet with her hubby.  She is headed to New York for a work trip and NeNe is coming too.  Cynthia is going for a meeting with Russell Simmons, who she formerly dated. How did she end up with a poor husband after dating Russell?

Sheree is back at her construction site with her mother.  She tells her mom about the conversation, turned water fight, with her ex-husband about child support.  Sheree still doesn’t believe that her ex is broke.  Apparently her mom was in the same situation as Sheree, but she sued her ex-husband.  It seems Sheree will need to decide if she wants to take her ex-hubby to court.

Cynthia and NeNe arrive in New York together.  Once in the room the girls sit down and chat about their business meetings. 

NeNe is meeting with a pizza parlor owner, who apparently wants more than a business relationship with her. 

It’s business Phaedra, who is headed to court.  “A mediocre lawyer know the law, a good lawyer knows the opposing council, and a great lawyer knows the judge.”  It seems Phaedra’s client is late and she has to stall until her client finally wanders into court.  Phaedra does her job and gets her client off with just a fine.

Cynthia meets up with Russell for a business meeting, but I think he just wanted to promote his book – since he has hundreds of them piled on his desk.  Russell questions the need for a modeling school, while Cynthia tries to defend her business.  He wants her to change the name from modeling school to fashion school. 

It’s baby time for Kim and Kroy as they head to the hospital.  The nurse actually asks her if she is going to wear the wig during delivery!  Of course Kim is going to wear a wig.  Kim is very nervous about this delivery and she is pestering poor Kroy. 

Kandi is making over her mother, so she can put her picture on a dating website for seniors.  It gets weird when Kandi and her mom start discussing sex.  Then the photo shoot begins and Kandi has her 60 year old mother lay across a red car. Really?  It should be interesting the men who respond to her profile! 

Sheree gets blindsided when she gets served papers by her ex-husband, Bob, to lesson child support payments. 

NeNe heads to her “business meeting” with John the pizza guy. 

NeNe wants to open a lounge and she wants his help.  It is definitely an awkward meeting, because John is acting all crazy. Then John busts out a Tiffany’s blue box as a gift for NeNe, which is a pen.  Then he buys her a pair of shoes and has a man serenade her at the table.  “They have gone all Italian on me at this point,” NeNe says.  AWKWARD! “But I like him,” NeNe says.  Does she like him or does she like his money? 

Cynthia meets up with an old friend.  He questions her about her marriage and Peter.  Cynthia begins to cry and admits she regrets leaving New York. 

Kim’s daughter’s come into the delivery room to cheer her up.  Kim doesn’t want her kids to see her in pain, so she sends them to get something to eat.  Then the swearing begins, so the doctor thinks it might be time to push this baby out.  Next we see Kim and her adorable son, KJ.  “I broke down,” Kroy admits. 

“It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, “ Kroy tells Kim.  Then there is a flashback of Kim and Kroy’s fast relationship that ended with a beautiful baby. Kim admits that she feels complete.

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