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Fear Factor Recap: Let The Stunts Begin

December 12, 2011 07:10 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on NBC, Fear Factor returns after a ten year hiatus. Four teams of two will battle it out for a $50,000 prize. Keep reading to find out all the details from tonight’s Fear Factor!

Tonight there are four teams competing for $50,000. It’s a family affair, the pairs are family members. Joe Rogan welcomes the teams to the competition and says, “Fear Factor is back and it’s crazier than ever!” 

Stunt #1

Alex and Amanda, brother and sister, are chosen randomly to go first.  The challenge is to be flown by helicopter, suspended beneath it by a rope.  The helicopter drops the contestants off and they must race to a box and pry it open.  Once the box is open they pull a lever, which starts a truck.  The team must open barrels and collect as many flags as they can.  The team is lifted up by the rope, before the truck crashes into the wall and explodes.  Alex and Amanda do a great job and collect seven flags.  “That was gnarly,” is how Alex describes the stunt.  

Monica and Mateas, a mother and son team are up next.  They must beat seven flags, in order to automatically advance.  The mother is having trouble opening the barrels to retrieve the flags, so the son has to pick up the slack.  The team only retrieves six flags, so they might be eliminated.

Up next is a father and son team, who are ready to prove that age doesn’t matter.  Anthony senior and junior need to grab more than six flags in order to be safe.  The team quickly gets to the truck and starts opening the barrels.  Just before they are lifted from the truck, they grab their sixth flag.  They didn’t beat the six flags and didn’t beat Monica and Mateas time, so they are in jeopardy of leaving.

Natalie and Olivia, sisters are the last to perform the stunt.  The two tiny girls take a long time to open the cargo box.  Once on the truck, they also struggle opening the barrels to obtain the flags.  The sisters only get five flags, so they are eliminated. 

Stunt #2

The three remaining teams enter a dark abandoned warehouse, which is never a good sign. Joe said they are, “kicking it up a few notches.”  Joe pours live scorpions on the table.   

The father and son team are up first.  The son has to stick his head into a barrel of black goo, and find the container of scorpions.  The father works on opening the container and pouring them on the table.  Each of the team members has to eat five, yes five, of the live scorpions.  The father goes to town on the scorpions, but the son has some difficulty putting the squirming, pinching, creatures in his mouth. 

After seven minutes and 15 seconds, both men finish eating the scorpions.  What was the worst part for them?  “It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life,” Joe Senior tells the host. 

The mom and son team are up next.  The son plunges into the black goo, which looks like tar.  Monica brings the jar to the table to work on opening it and releasing the scorpions.  The mother and son dig right into the scorpions, like they are eating chicken wings!  The mother is shaking like she is possessed, but she is getting the job done.  The team completes the stunt in an amazing four minutes and six seconds.  “Oh Joe, that was horrible,” Monica tells the host.

Last to complete the stunt are Alex and Amanda. Alex dives into the black substance and quickly retrieves the container.  Amanda opens the container and spills the scorpions onto the table.  Amanda admitted she was nervous about the challenge, but she is doing well eating the moving creatures.  After three minutes and 39 seconds the team completes the stunt, therefore the father and son team are sent home.

Stunt #3

The brother and sister team are competing against the mother and son team in the final stunt for $50,000. The final stunt has the contestants strapped to the grill of a cement truck.  While on the truck, they have to grab as many flags as they can, as the truck smashes into obstacles.   

The mother and son team are up first.  The teams have helmets and protective gear on, because they are just getting nailed by the various obstacles.  Monica comes off the stunt bleeding in the face, because the impact was so hard.  Joe counts their flags and they grabbed 22 flags.

Which means Alex and Amanda have to beat 22 flags to win the $50,000.  A piece of debris got stuck on them and impeded their vision, so that might have cost them the game.  Joe counts the flags and the brother and sister team have 23 flags.  Alex and Amanda win by one flag!

What did you think of tonight’s Fear Factor?  Let us know what you think, comment below.

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