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Fear Factor Recap: The Ex Factor

December 12, 2011 09:12 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s the second new episode of Fear Factor on NBC tonight. Ex couples compete against each other to win the prize of $50,000. Keep reading to find out what crazy fears these former couples will have to face.

Stunt #1

A car races up a ramp and plunges in a pool of water.  As the car sinks to the bottom, the team has to unlock a box and get the flags.  Then they will swim to the surface and place the flags in a holder.  

Jillian and Ryan are up first to the challenge.  The couple does a great job for going first and finishes the stunt in less than two minutes. CiCi and Joe are the second former couple to attempt the challenge.  They are slightly slower than the first couple, but still do a good job.  The third team attempts the stunt and unfortunately for him, his ex-girlfriend can’t swim.  He leaves her in the water as she starts to go under, no wonder they broke up!  A team of rescuers have to jump in and save her.  Therefore, Sean and Jenny are automatically eliminated.  Sean apologizes to Jenny for leaving her in the water, but I don’t think she’s too happy with him.  The last team is Julie and Ron, who just have to complete the challenge in order to move on to stunt two.  Julie and Ron make the fastest time of the day, with exactly one minute.

Stunt #2

It’s the abandoned warehouse again, so it’s got to be a disgusting food challenge.  Joe unveils a tank of over 3,000 gallons of cow’s blood.  Partner’s will be bound together by wrists and they must dunk down and retrieve cow hearts and transfer it to their partner’s mouth. 

Cici and Joe are randomly chosen to go first.  Cici begins to gag a little bit, as Joe dives in for the cow heart.  The team starts to pick up speed, I think they must have forgotten what they are covered in.  It’s a disgusting blood bath! The couple gets eight hearts.  “I would not wish this on my worst enemy,” Cici tells the host. Ron and Julie are up next and Ron is squeamish about this stunt.  The couple gets ten hearts, and then Ron throws up. Can you blame him? Jillian and Ryan are up last and Jillian is worried about her teeth in the blood.  The team misses placing the heart in the bucket three times, which is probably going to cost them.  With one second left, Ryan gets the last heart they need into the bucket. Joe and Cici are eliminated.

Stunt #3

This is a long and complicated challenge.  Couples start out on a moving bus and then they must make their way to the roof.  Then the teams must attach themselves to a helicopter, which whisks them away.  After flying through the air the couple is then dropped into the back of a moving speedboat.  After picking up keys, they have to jump off the boat and swim to a cargo net.  The team must climb the net, which is attached to a moving helicopter.  Once on the net, the team will have to get into a bag and throw a flare to blow up a boat. 

Ryan and Jillian are the first team to tackle the stunt.  Everything goes smoothly for them, until they have to swim to the cargo net. The waves make it difficult for Jillian to swim and she is worn out! Then Ryan falls off the net, which means it is totally up to Jillian to finish the task.  Jillian opens up her back pack and grabs a flare, but misses the boat completely.  Jillian tries again and she strikes the boat, blowing it up.  Their time is five minutes and forty six seconds.   The couple is so exhausted that an ambulance has to come and evaluate both Ryan and Jillian.  Ron and Julie are now scared of the stunt, but go for it anyways. The couple starts the stunt off smoothly, but they are also having difficulty swimming to the cargo net.  It was a rough climb up the net, but Ron and Julie beat Ryan and Jillian’s time. 

Ron and Julie walk away with the $50,000.

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