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Next Great Baker Recap: Wedding Cakes And A Pregnancy

December 12, 2011 08:29 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Next Great Baker on TLC, we watched as Tony Frys was eliminated, after the life-sized cake challenge did not go over well with Buddy or his sisters. This week, the remaining contestants will face a wedding cake challenge, and we learned that one contestant is pregnant! Read on for all the highlights!

Next Great Baker kicked off tonight on TLC, as the remaining contestants were put to another Baker’s challenge. This time around, they would be incorporating a randomly chosen candy into their creation. The candies ranged from chocolates to Twizzlers, and the contestants sure managed to get creative. We would have thought that the Twizzlers would have been the hardest to incorporate, but two out of the three contestants that tackled them, ended up on top. Carmelo, who tried his best to add a Twizzler flair to his chocolate mousse, failed instead, leaving Buddy looking for a glass of water.

Jasmine, who also had Twizzlers, took a different approach, doing a brownie with a Twizzler topping, which almost mousse-like, and the judges loved it. Meanwhile, Marissa wowed the judges as well with her chocolate cake, in which she incorporated sweet and sour Twizzlers. Marissa ended up winning the challenge, and a year’s supply of chocolate – talk about a great prize! That also meant that both Jasmine and Marissa would be the team captains for the next challenge. For their teams, Jasmine chose: Megan, Carmelo, Minerva, while Marissa chose: Chad, Heather G, and Ryan. That meant there were three leftover contestants: Heather, Wesley, and Nadine, who were placed together. Buddy then told Wesley that he was leading the team, but Wesley did not seem thrilled about it.

Next on Next Great Baker, Buddy took the contestants over to Brides Magazine, where they were told that they would be creating a wedding cake today. Buddy then informed them that the wedding cake that won would be featured in the January issue of Brides Magazine. Wesley, who was not comfortable in wedding cakes, let Nadine take the reigns on it since wedding cakes were her forte. Meanwhile, Jasmine reiterated to her team that she would not tolerate any fighting – as we saw out of Megan last week.

In an odd revelation during the creation of the wedding cakes, Heather G announced that she was pregnant when the others were wondering why she was in the potty constantly. Heather then told us that she never said anything because no one ever asked, and she certainly did not look 7 months along! Meanwhile, the teams were unraveling, as most of Jasmine’s team was against all the pink she wanted on the cake, and they were determined to trash the hot pink pillow on the top. Finally, Megan was able to talk some sense into Jasmine, and the pair decided the cake looked more like a Sweet 16 cake than a wedding cake.

When it came time to judge the cakes, Marissa’s vintage romance cake won the challenge, and a spread in Brides Magazine. Buddy thought the other two cakes were equally as bad, and then he asked each team why they should stay. Jasmine spoke up, and did nothing but boast about how great she was, and that was her downfall. Buddy decided that Jasmine needed to grow up a little, and despite her talent, Jasmine was sent to the box truck!

Be sure to check out TLC’s official Next Great Baker site for more information on the season two contestants, and contestant videos. This season promises to full of fun, drama, and of course, cake!

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