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Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere Recap: Teen Moms Try To Separate Truth From Reality

December 12, 2011 08:13 PM by Joanie Segall

Teen Mom 2 Recap

It’s back to reality for Teen Mom stars Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska. Like your favorite study partner, MTV gives you a CliffsNotes™ version of the first season in case you were too busy texting to pay attention. Keep reading to find out Teen Mom updates, news and what drama is in store for Teen Mom 2 season 2.

Season 1 recap:

We learn one of Teen Mom Leah‘s twins may have devastating health problems and she has married her children’s father, Corey Simms. Chelsea’s life is still consumed in a back-and-forth relationship with her baby daddy, Adam Lind. Kailyn is trying to navigate a new baby, new dating life and growing money troubles. Jenelle has some serious run-ins with the law along with violent fights with her mother over her drug use and relationship with homeless bad boy, Kieffer Delp.

The start of Teen Mom 2 season 2:

When we catch up with Jenelle, we learn she has signed over custody of her baby, Jace, to her mom. She’s been in jail for possession of marijuana and breaking and entering (crimes she committed with Kieffer). She claims to be getting her life on track, but is secretly still seeing Kieffer behind her mother’s back. “You’d better not or you’re out,” her mother warns. Janelle lies to her mother without flinching and immediately takes Jace to meet Kieffer.

Leah is knee deep in young married life with Corey. Her dreams of nursing school are on hold because of her daughter Ali’s still-undiagnosed health condition. She finds it’s not easy being a full time wife and mom. Her complaints of loneliness foreshadow the divorce SheKnows already revealed in April. Leah talks to Corey about getting a part time job. Corey indicates he doesn’t even trust her to not flirt with the mailman. “I trust you, I just know how you are,” Corey says.

Kailyn is currently dating good guy, Jordan Wenner. She is getting along with her son’s father, Jo Rivera, but suspects he’s still not accepting of her new relationship. Cut to another day at the park with another yet-to-be-public boyfriend. Kailyn and Jordan play with baby Isaac and discuss Halloween plans. Jordan is stepping up and wants to spend more time with a son that isn’t his, much to Kailyn’s delight. Jo agrees to share Isaac with Kailyn for Halloween, which sounds positive, but viewers know that anyone getting along on Teen Mom is short lived.

Teen Mom Chelsea is studying for her GED and taking care of her daughter, Aubree. Alas, one text message from Adam about wanting to see Aubree and Chelsea’s world is turned upside down. Chelsea talks with her sister, Emily, about Adam’s sudden reappearance. Does he want to see Aubree or Chelsea more? Emily reminds her that Adam comes back around every time Chelsea finally has it together and only says what she wants to hear.

Teen Mom season 2

The struggles of a Teen Mom:

Kailyn goes to a pumpkin patch with a friend and wonders if Jo will be upset if he finds out Jordan is going trick-or-treating with their son. Kailyn continues to admire Jordan’s willingness to act as a second father-figure.

We find out Jenelle’s friends helped her bail Kieffer out of jail, but even they are nervous about the relationship. They remind her that more trouble will affect her getting Jace back. Her friends go so far as to recommend avoiding trouble for the next two years (quite the request). Kieffer is homeless and has no job, but Jenelle loves him.

Chelsea is nervous to see Adam after a long time apart which distracts her from studying. When Adam arrives, he hugs and kisses Aubree “like a family again,” he says. And like the family they always were, he leaves quickly. Of course, he couldn’t get out the door without flirting with Chelsea and kissing her on the cheek saying the cheek was “close enough.” He’s gone and Chelsea is left to decipher his boy code.

Teen Mom Jenelle

Jenelle’s mom is watching Jace while Jenelle goes out for the night. Her mom is adamant that she be home early so she’s not tired while watching Jace tomorrow. Janelle lies to her mom (again) and secretly meets Kieffer at an arcade. Kieffer asks what we all want to know, “Why do you stay with me?” She explains how simple it will be to be together in the future once they get jobs, money, an apartment, school, cars, a sense of responsibility and the blessing of Jenelle’s mother. Easy peasy. Jenelle then sleeps in late from being out and her mom says she can’t watch Jace. A screaming match logically unfolds between Jenelle and her mom. Jenelle’s mom takes Jace to daycare while Jenelle cries to Kieffer over the phone about not being able to see her son. She risks being caught when she invites Kieffer over after her mom leaves.

Teen Mom Leah interviews for a new job and is happily hired on the spot as a dental assistant. How is Corey going to feel? “He’ll be fine with it because I’ll be around a bunch of girls,” Leah explains to her mom. Leah’s really excited, but wished Corey cared and trusted her more.

Chelsea can’t get Adam out of her head. She tells her mom about the encounter and hates that she always misses him. Her mom nervously asks, “You’re not back with him are you?” Adam conveniently interrupts the conversation with a phone call. “It’s going to go right back to the way it was,” her mom warns. “The good has to outweigh the bad.” Forty-five minutes into a show about mothers and we finally hear some sound motherly wisdom. Chelsea concedes, maybe she should listen this time.

Kailyn and Jordan take Isaac trick-or-treating as planned. Jordan bonds with Isaac and is getting more comfortable as a pseudo family man. He claims he’s into it. “Jordan’s really trying with Isaac and that makes me like him even more,” Kailyn gushes.

Teen Mom Chelsea tries to clear her head by talking with her sister in a pumpkin patch (who knew those were so therapeutic?). She is sad because she imagined partaking in holiday activities with a complete family. She feels the sting of single motherhood, as well as wonders about Adam. Chelsea admits her head and her heart don’t match, but that she’ll listen to her head this time. Here’s hoping.

Teen Mom Leah

Leah is still frustrated that Corey simply doesn’t trust her more now that they’re married. Corey and Leah sneak in some alone time by going to dinner. Corey reveals he is more comfortable with Leah’s new job and confidently proclaims, “I think everything will be fine.”

Jenelle loans her car to Kieffer who drops her off right in front of her mother’s house. Jenelle is caught and another screaming match ensues with her mother who kicks her out, as promised. Jace cries. Jenelle’s mom throws her clothes out on the street and tells her not to show up ever again or she’ll be arrested. Jenelle is last seen crying on the curb.

The episode ends with a melancholy montage of all the teen moms whose situations are either boiled over, or are just about to. You almost cringe at the sight of the happy ones. Episode 1 reveals that even though these moms have been through much more than their teenaged counterparts, they still hang on to the youthful naïveté that “everything will be fine.” Viewers can only wonder when these young reality stars will understand that hopefulness does not equal reality.

What to expect this season: Jenelle struggles with crippling legal problems. Kailyn possibly cheats on Jordan with Jo. Jenelle goes to rehab. Corey and Leah’s dramatic split.

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