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Brooke Mueller’s Family Refuses To Help Her

December 13, 2011 10:00 AM by Lisa Princ

When Brooke Mueller, of Oxygen‘s The World According to Paris was recently arrested, her parents wanted to leave her jail, but Charlie Sheen came to her rescue. Now, as the star is going back to rehab, her family is refusing to help her. What happened? Read on for the details!

Brooke Mueller was arrested last weekend in Aspen Colorado on suspicion of felony cocaine possession and assault, and according to Radaronline, Brooke’s parents were furious with her, and wanted to leave her in jail. Charlie Sheen came to her rescue and bailed Brooke out, and now Brooke is headed to outpatient rehab, for the millionth time. This time around though, her parents don’t feel it is going to help her, and they are flat out refusing to help Brooke Mueller, as they feel she needs to do it on her own.

A source recently told RadarOnline: “They’ve given her as much help/money/rehab as they can and they’re not going to do it anymore. They’re going to support her in this effort, but they’re not going to try and force her to do anything more,” adding: “They figure she either gets help or they’re afraid she’s going to die, and they know that’s harsh but they are at the end of their rope with her.” Brooke Mueller’s family feels that her latest attempt at rehab is nothing more than attempt to impress the judge that she will be dealing with in Colorado.

Insiders claim that the family has tried to express their concerns to Brooke, even trying to push her into an inpatient rehab for at least 6 months, but Brooke is refusing to go, claiming that her children are the reason she won’t be away that long. Really Brooke? Isn’t it time to grow up, and realize that your children will benefit from you being away in rehab for 6 months? Meanwhile, the source adds that using her children is a lame excuse because Brooke “rarely spends any time with them.”

Should Brooke Mueller be sent away to get long term help for her problem? We think so – at least for the sake of her children. Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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