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Survivor: South Pacific Recap – The Final Five Crumble

December 14, 2011 06:57 PM by Lisa Princ

Survivor: South Pacific was back tonight on CBS, after we said goodbye to John Cochran last week. Would Edna be the one to beat Ozzy in the Redemption Island duel? Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific!

Survivor South Pacific kicked off tonight as the final five celebrated that they were all still there, as they said they would be from the beginning. As they each are caught saying that they know it’s all for themselves next, Albert says he is going to blindside someone this week. One thing that they all agreed on though, was that they did not want Ozzy back, so they were all hoping that Edna would defeat him tonight.

Then it was time for the Redemption Island duel, where Ozzy and Edna faced off in a multi-phase puzzle. The first part was a slide puzzle, which led them to a hatchet, where they would cut a rope to release more puzzle cubes. The final part of the duel was to align the cubes so that there was one of each color on all four sides of the stack of cubes. The final five were helping Edna to get her cube puzzle together, but much to their dismay though, Ozzy was able to complete the puzzle before Edna, with no help, and Edna was sent packing.

After the duel, Brandon and Albert confided in one another that both of them, along with Coach were their ideal final three, and they agreed that Sophie had to go. Meanwhile, Coach and Sophie were chatting about tossing Brandon to Redemption Island. Coach and Sophie encouraged Rick to also vote for Brandon, and he agreed,but then Albert headed over to talk to Coach. Albert tried to persuade Coach that Sophie was a bigger threat than either he or Brandon, but Coach was not buying it and told Albert that Brandon needed to go. When Brandon tried to interfere with the chat, Coach called him out as a bully.

Next up on Survivor, it was time for the Immunity challenge. In this challenge, the contestants needed to climb a wall for five bags of puzzle pieces. Once all their bags were down, they had to assemble the puzzles, and then use the code on the non-matching puzzle pieces to unlock a flag. The first person to get their flag up would win immunity and a pizza delivery! Brandon and Coach were neck in neck for the challenge, but Brandon was just a few seconds quicker than Coach, and ended up winning the challenge. Looks like Coach’s plan to vote off Brandon just backfired, and when it was time for pizza, Brandon chose Rick to join him.

As Brandon and Rick enjoyed their pizza, Coach and Sophie decided that Albert was getting on their nerves and they would be voting for him. Then Sophie went to persuade Rick and Brandon to vote for Albert, which led to an argument between Rick and Albert. Rick called out Albert on some lies, but Brandon was determined to stand up for Albert, even trying to convince Coach not to write down his name – Brandon was contemplating giving Albert his immunity necklace, but did he go through with it?

Yes, he did! At tribal council, Brandon gave up the immunity to Albert. Jeff Probst was shocked, but Brandon said he prayed and it was what he needed to do. Brandon was confident that he would not be voted off, thinking that both Coach and Albert would have his back. Then we watched as both Sophie and Rick wrote down Brandon’s name, while Brandon and Albert wrote down Sophie’s name, leaving it all in Coach’s hands. Coach voted for Brandon, claiming it was what God wanted – to send Brandon to Redemption Island.

Be sure to tune in Sunday for the season finale of Survivor!  Who do you think deserves to win the $1 million prize? Sound off and leave a comment below!

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One Response to “Survivor: South Pacific Recap – The Final Five Crumble”

  1. jan Says:
    December 15th, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    if Coach or Brandon win this charade because of their supposed connection to God, thats it for me and this show. No wonder the Amazing Race wins the emmy every year!
    I am a Christian and this blasphemy is abhorrent to me. Praying to find the idol? praying who to vote off?????? what a crock these liars are@! how dare you.


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