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Tori & Dean Recap: Secrets of the Baby Bump

December 14, 2011 07:31 AM by Ashley Lee

The most recent episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is an hour-long testimony that everything really is bigger in Texas: pregnancy cravings, the vintage furs, the antique fairs and — shockingly — the prices of furniture pieces. Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Liam, Stella and the Guncles all fly down to the Lonestar State to load up on antique furniture and revamp the stagnant stock of the InvenTORI store. But even though the couple shared the news of their pregnancy with close family and friends on last week’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Tori still insists on keeping that information from the public and the press until she’s out of her first trimester — which is a struggle that just keeps getting bigger, literally. Just like the escalating conflict between Dean and Tori’s best friend, James.

Tori is a successful party planner because she’s just a great planner overall; in this episode, she executes her plans to not only revitalize sales at InvenTORI but also to hide her pregnancy from the press for a few weeks more. However, while on a walk with Dean and the dogs, Tori reads a news headline that comments on Liam’s birthday party, where “guests wonder if she’s pregnant again.” Rather than confirming the whispers, Tori devises a scheme to fool the cameras: “I’m just gonna wear double spanks and a skintight dress and say ‘Look at me, bitches! Not pregnant!’”

However, Dean isn’t convinced. “It’s hard enough for a regular woman to hide her pregnancy from her family and friends; T is just under the microscope and I don’t like the level of stress it creates.” So when Tori suggests a business trip to Texas — a two-day marathon of furniture hunting at a huge antique fair — Dean seizes the travel plan as an opportunity to also tear Tori away from the public eye, even if it’s just for a little while. Patsy, James and the Guncles agree to also come along for the ride!

Though the trip seems like a good idea for both Tori’s well-being and the store, it’s a catalyst for the ongoing problem that Dean has with Tori’s best friend, James. “When T is around James, she completely cannot hear my voice,” he tells the cameras. “Maybe it’s the pheromones or hormones that gay guys give off so that she can only hear gay guys, like a dog whistle.” Tori initially brushes off Dean’s comments of frustration while still at home in LA, but remember: everything is bigger in Texas…

Everyone has high hopes for the potential findings from this Texas trip because the fair supposed to be acres and acres of antiques, but it seems that the entire event is already cleaned out by a previous buyer. “We flew all the way here for prices that are more than LA,” Tori admits. Even more so, Tori and Dean butt heads again about James, and Tori gets distracted by a selection of vintage clothing, hats and furs. “It’s ok for me to wear coyote, right? They’re evil.” Thankfully, the second day of the antique fair in Texas is incredibly successful…in furniture shopping, that is!

The day of the InvenTORI in-store event arrives: the opportunity to not only show off their new collection of affordable antiques from Texas, but also to launch a line of soaps and cheese by The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Oh, and it’s also a chance for Tori to prove to the press that she isn’t pregnant. But even though she’s still in her first trimester, “this is my third pregnancy, and the baby bump is showing a LOT faster.” After unsuccessfully wrestling on the floor of her closet with a pair of Spanx, she throws on a ruffled dress and a pair of colorful rain boots: “If I distract them with my legs, they’ll never notice the belly!”

Though the event boosted sales and morale around the store, the press still manage to snap a shot of a baby bump, leaving Tori emotional and helpless. “I feel like it’s my body, it’s my baby bump,” Tori tells the cameras. “I should be entitled to hide it from the world if I want to for three months.” Yet even until the last seconds of the episode, Tori insists on keeping the pregnancy a secret…for now at least. Next week’s episode preview features clips of the couple being bombarded by questions from the paparazzi and being asked flat out while on the Today show. On live television. How are Tori and Dean gonna get out of that one?

Did you watch last night’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood? Is the “dog whistle” phenomenon real, or is Dean just being overly sensitive?

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