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Fear Factor Recap: Heights And Bug Drinks!

December 19, 2011 09:13 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on NBC, it’s an all new episode of Fear Factor. Teams of two will face their largest fears and probably have to eat something disgusting! Keep reading to find out which team gets to take home the $50,000 winnings.

Joe Rogan, the host, welcomes the four new teams to the show.  No time is wasted, as the first stunt is explained to the contestants.  One team will be eliminated after each stunt is completed.

Stunt #1

The teams will be in a car, which is suspended above the water by two moving helicopters.  The teams will have to crawl outside of the car and grab as many flags as they can before they fall off. 

Tiffany and Laurie are randomly selected to go first.  The girls scream in terror as the helicopters raise the car above the water.  The team does surprisingly well as they grab 19 out of the 20 flags on the car, in just over three minutes.

The “muscle freaks”, two very buff guys, are up next.  They are confident their muscles will help them win this challenge.  The two climb out of the car, but are moving way slower than the girls did.  The team is not only moving slow, but drop three flags in the process.  The muscle men grab only 17 flags.

Daniel and James are up next.  Daniel wants to prove to himself and his parents that he is capable of completing Fear Factor. Using some great teamwork, the guys are successful in picking up 18 flags. 

Tonika and Chris have a plan on how they are going to conquer the challenge.  With four more flags left, Tonika falls off. Chris is able to grab the flags and get the 18 flags they need.

The muscle men, Collie and Corey, are eliminated after the first stunt.

Stunt #2

Joe welcomes the contestants to the Fear Factor coffee shop, where they have replaced the beans with various bugs. 

Daniel and James are randomly selected to go first.  They reach in and select a ball and learn they will be having a fly and stink bug drink.  As a bonus, some of the bugs are alive and Joe tops the drinks with curdled milk.  The boys are shaking like leaves, but are pounding the drinks.  They even must lick up what they have spilled on the table.  When time is up, the boys both throw-up in the buckets.  Out of 64 oz they drank 49 oz. 

Laurie and Tiffany are up next!  The girls choose a ball and select a tomato horn worm drink.  “They are moving,” Tiffany tells Laurie.  “We are never getting kissed again,” Laurie yells.  The girls are not very successful, only drinking 13 ounces. 

Tonika and Chris only need to drink more than 13 ounces to move onto the finals.  The couple will be drinking fly concoctions.  After a couple sips, Tonika gives up and it is all up to Chris to finish his drink.  Chris is having some difficulty, so Tonika has to pick up the slack for her man.  The couple pulls through by drinking 18 ounces.  Tiffany and Laurie are sent home.

Stunt #3

Tonika and Chris and Daniel and James are the last two teams competing for the money.  Basically one person from the team falls five stories, while the other one rockets up five stories.

Tonika and Chris must go first. Chris is suspended in the air, while Tonika has to unlock a box and push a button.  Once Tonika pushes the button, Chris plummets through five stories of cardboard.  He then has to come to his senses and reel a line and chop it, which will then send Tonika up five stories.  “That hurt,” Tonika yells at her husband.

Watching the other team go scares Chris and Daniel, but they are ready to conquer their fear.  Chris and Daniel must beat one minute and nine seconds.  James is suspended in the air, ready to fall five stories, while Daniel gets ready to unlock the box.  It takes longer for Daniel to unlock the box than it did for Tonika, so they will need to make up time.  Chris makes up time cutting the line the first time, but it will be a close race.

Joe announces the times were close, but Tonika and Chris pull out the win!

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