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Tori & Dean Recap: Not The Whole sTORI

December 21, 2011 10:28 AM by Perry Miller

Last night’s episode of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood was all about Tori building her brand.  Determined to “be the next Martha Stewart”, Tori has business meetings with craft manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and the company publishing her party planning book.  So how does Tori manage to handle business meetings, a trip to New York and hiding that ever expanding baby bump? Read on to find out.

Tori Spelling begins the episode by having a meeting with 60 year old craft manufacturing company, Darice. Tori, wants to start a crafting company to help women make their own jewelry. The meeting is really productive, even coming up with a great tag line, “simple steps to style”.

Tori and Dean are planning a business trip to New York. Tori has meetings with handbag manufacturers, to discuss a handbag line with HSN, a clothing manufacturer to find a new company to produce her children’s line, Little Maven, and she is finally delivering her party planning book, CelebraTORI, to the publishers.  While in New York they are also planning quite a few publicity interviews and spending time with Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling.

Tori, determined not to announce her pregnancy until after the first trimester, enlists her kids, Liam and Stella, to help her find some clothes in her closet that will hide her growing belly bump. The kids are no help, in the cutest way possible, picking out form-fitting clothes that will just accentuate the baby bump.  Tori eventually calls her publicist who says she can pull dresses in New York for her to try on when they get there.

When Tori, Dean and the kids arrive in New York, they are greeted by a swarm of paparazzi determined to get a picture of a baby bump.  Although they have not publicly announced the pregnancy, they told close family and friends last week and are sure that the information has leaked; causing paparazzi to follow them everywhere they go.

First stop, a children’s cooking class for Liam and Stella. They make homemade macaroni and cheese and both Liam and Stella prove to be a standout cooks. Even mom and dad enjoy the macaroni that their kids made.

Next up, attending a performance of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”, the hit Broadway musical starring Daniel Radcliffe and produced by Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling. After being estranged through Tori’s first 2 pregnancies, it is bittersweet for Tori to spend this quality time with her mom.

After the show, Tori, Dean, Candy and Tori’s best friend, Mehran, attend dinner at legendary Sardi’s Restaurant. During dinner, Tori and her family discuss her pregnancy openly before deciding they need to be quiet, because anybody could be listening.

The next morning, while on her way to the first of many business meetings, Tori learns that “Life and Style is going with the story (about her pregnancy) whether she wants to announce it or not.” Annoyed by this new development, Tori has to put it out of her mind and attend her meetings.

After successful meetings with handbag and clothing manufacturers, Tori is excited to deliver her party planning book to her publishers. Tori claims that “blood, sweat and tulle” went into CelebraTORI, which she has decided to dedicate to her mother.

Candy Spelling decides to take the whole family to Dylan’s Candy Bar, and treat the kids to some candy. The group then heads over to Serendipity, for frozen hot chocolate.  Over lunch, Candy gives Tori some early pregnancy tips and advice on how to handle Liam, who is crashing from a sugar high.

Last up, on their whirlwind trip to New York City, is a few interviews, most importantly The Today Show. During the first interview with Ann Curry, the pregnancy rumors are not addressed at all.  Tori is relieved not to have to answer questions about the pregnancy rumors, but also wishes the press would stop asking about her once strained relationship with her mother.

While her dress for the first Today Show interview hid her baby bump remarkably well, dressing for the second Today Show interview, is not an easy task. The dresses her publicist had pulled for her are either too small or the bump is visible. Tori makes a last minute dash to a clothing store and finds a beautiful red dress. The dress disguises her baby bump, but that does not stop Kathie Lee Gifford from asking if she is pregnant. Tori, wanting to reveal the pregnancy when she is comfortable, lies and says she is not pregnant.

This episode wraps up with the exhausted family discussing what lies ahead: the pregnancy announcement  and everything that is going to come from with it.

Do you think Tori should have lied about being pregnant on national television?

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