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Tori & Dean Recap: sTORIbook Weddings – Marie Antoinette Wedding

December 28, 2011 12:58 AM by Ashley Lee

While Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood fans take a break from watching the McDermotts navigate through pregnancy press stories and Texas antique fairs, Oxygen just aired a brand new episode of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings! And the network definitely saved the best ceremony for the last week of the year: it’s a wedding inspired by Marie Antoinette, a party theme that has always been Tori Spelling’s dream theme!


Meet the couple of Tori’s dream wedding: Ashley is a shoe buyer and Ryan is a hairstylist, and they met eight years ago in Los Angeles. After casually dating and then being separated for five years, they reunited and contacted Tori and Dean to plan a Marie Antoinette-inspired ceremony.

“We both love movies that take place in that era, the fashion of it, the hair…it fits us,” said Ryan, the groom-to-be. “We’re a little dramatic…we want it big.” The couple opts for blush colors and blue tones, elaborate place settings and lots and lots of flowers, candles and desserts!

“My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted to do was a Marie Antoinette ball,” admitted Tori. And after the initial discussion with the couple, Tori concludes: “It’s Marie Antoinette meets Vogue!”

However, it’s very clear from the beginning that Ryan wants more of a say in the planning process than most grooms usually ask for. Ryan said, “Since I work in a beauty and artistic environment, I have a pretty good idea of what I want for my wedding.”

Dean notices right away, saying, “I wouldn’t say ‘groomzilla’ but…very discerning taste.”

And who will be officiating the ceremony? None other than Tori Spelling!


Ashley meets Tori at the bridal salon and introduces her mother and her bridal party: her maid of honor, bridesmaid and man of honor (who is also a stylist and Ashley’s ‘gay husband’). “It becomes very real when you try on your dress, and I’m starting to feel like a bride,” Ashley said.

Yet just the day before, Ashley and her family attended the funeral service of her late grandmother, and tears flood the family and friends as Ashley emerges from the dressing room in a Lazaro gown covered in sparkles and roses. After trying on other gowns, Ashley reverts back to the original.


Tori and Dean meet Ryan at the Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles, a huge venue equipped with white columns and a ornate altar-like display. Though it can house up to five hundred people with a dance floor, the couple is only inviting about a hundred guests, meaning that Tori will have to figure out how to creatively fill up the space.


Since Tori is officiating the ceremony, she wants to get to know Ashley and Ryan first, so the two couples go out on a shopping date for some bonding time. Ryan successfully tries on a pair of heels and Tori buys Ashley a costume ring as a gift.

As surprise wedding gifts for each other, Ryan and Ashley have independently come up with the idea to get tattoos in honor of the other. Dean takes Ryan to the tattoo parlor of a friend, who, unknowing of the couple’s wedding theme, suggests that Ryan get a ‘lover’s eye’ – a declaration customary of the Marie Antoinette era! Ryan follows the advice and gets Ashley’s eye tattooed onto his chest.

In another tattoo parlor, Ashley opts for a locket with Ryan’s face in it on her back, but she’s not the only one: Tori has been wanting to surprise Dean with a tattoo for some time as well! She has a few lines of Dean’s wedding vows stamped onto her upper torso. “Bladder infections hurt more!” Tori said of getting her first tattoo.

What did Dean think of seeing his words tattooed on his wife’s side? “I love it, I love it, I love it!” he continually exclaimed. “It’s the perfect tattoo; it’s like you’ve had it for years!”


“She wanted flowers everywhere,” said James of bride Ashley, and that’s what she got: pink petals curl throughout the aisle and end at a rose-filled arch. Ashley’s bridesmaids wore soft purple and gray gowns, and Ashley walked down the aisle in the arms of both her parents and holding a pink and purple bouquet – complete with jewels and feathers!

Tori officiated the ceremony with ease, and even inserted a few jokes: “And Ryan, don’t forget to give her an amazing blowout every single day!” The ceremony was complete with a moment dedicated to Ashley’s grandparents and original wedding vows. Once married, the couple reveals their new tattoos to each other – and they both loved them!


Tori managed to strategically fill such a large reception venue with long dining tables – topped with candelabra and ornate table settings, a champagne tower and models dressed in 18th-century French costumes, strolling through the space and posing throughout the evening. One even walked through with a dress that doubled as a dessert table…just like Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!” Teacups and teas were distributed to guests as party favors.

After a successful evening of dinner, dancing and endless gratitude from the newlyweds, Dean congratulated Tori on another amazing ceremony. “Everytime we do a wedding, we keep saying this one’s the best. But this one’s the best!”

It’s back to Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood next week, as Tori finally goes public with her pregnancy announcement in 140 characters or less (via Twitter, I mean!). Did she open Pandora’s Box when she pressed that “Send” button on her Blackberry? Tune in next week, and check back here for the episode recap!

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Photo credit: Michael Williams/Oxygen

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