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Fear Factor Recap: Snake Coffin

January 02, 2012 08:10 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on NBC, it’s a new episode of Fear Factor.  One of tonight’s challenges plays on people’s fears of snakes. Contestants get to sleep in a coffin filled with the creepy reptiles. Keep reading to find out which couple faces their fears and takes home the cash prize.

It’s a mixed bag of contestants tonight, from a young dating couple to a married couple who are 50 years old.  Joe Rogan welcomes the four teams to the game and explains the rules.  There are four stunts, the last couple remaining wins the $50,000.

Stunt #1

The contestants are catapulted onto nets hanging in the air.  Once the couple lands on the nets, they must climb the net and retrieve as many flags as possible. After all the flags are collected the team has to jump off the net. 

Joel and Andrea are chosen at random to go first.  Joel and Andrea “feel they set the bar high” with their one minute and twelve second time. 

The next team up is Carole and Todd.  Carole is struggling with the net and almost falls off, so she wastes a ton of time.  Todd collects all the flags, but has to wait for Carole to complete her flags.  Todd and Carole complete the task, but with a time of two minutes and two seconds, so Joel and Andrea definitely move onto the second stunt. 

Tanya and Roberto are the next team to be catapulted onto the nets.  This duo is very confident they can beat the lead time and make it to the next round. Roberto is moving at lightning speed, while Tanya isn’t quite as fast.  Roberto cheers her on and the couple finishes with a time of one minute and 32 seconds. 

DJ and Brooklyn are the last team to tackle the stunt.  The couple has to beat the longest time of just over two minutes to stay in the game.  By completing the stunt in just over one minute, DJ and Brooklyn send Carole and Todd home.

Stunt #2

It’s snake time!  Joe pulls back a sheet and in a coffin is over 500 snakes hissing at the contestants.  As one team member lies among the snakes, the other team member must use their mouth to transfer the snakes.  The team who transfers the least amount of snakes, in weight volume, will head home. 

Joel and Andrea are selected to go first again.  Joel is lying in the coffin, while Andrea uses her mouth to transfer the snakes.  Andrea starts to panic, while Joel tells her to breathe.  Andrea is shaking, but she is doing a good job.  After the challenge,  Andrea breaks down in tears.  “It sucked,” is how Andrea describes the stunt.  The team learns they transferred 11.1 pounds worth of snakes. 

Roberto and Tanya are up next and are freaked out by what they just saw. 

Tanya chooses to lie among the snakes, while Roberto will use his mouth to move the snakes.  Their strategy is to go after the fatter snakes in the coffin.  When the stunt begins, Roberto gets freaked out and starts moving just the little snakes.  The couple falls short, they only collect five pounds worth of snakes. 

DJ and Brooklyn are up next and they only have to beat five pounds to move onto the finals.  Brooklyn is in the coffin, while DJ is responsible for moving them.  DJ is somewhat hesitant, but Brooklyn tells him not to think about it.  The host is screaming at him to get a big one, but DJ just can’t bring himself to do it.  The couple does get over six pounds of snakes, so Roberto and Tanya are sent home.

Stunt #3

Joel and Andrea are in the finals with DJ and Brooklyn.  It’s a helicopter challenge over the water.  One person will hang upside on a rope from a helicopter and then they will pick up their partner from the dock.  The helicopter drops the one member into the water, where they swim to a deck to unlock a jet ski.  The person on the jet ski has to grab flags and deliver it to the person hanging from the helicopter.  After six flags are delivered to the helicopter, the person hanging from the helicopter must release themselves to stop the clock.

Joel and Andrea choose to go first in the final challenge.  They are confident they can set the bar and take home the money.  Andrea is hanging upside from the helicopter and easily picks up Joel from the dock.  Joel makes a major mistake by not jumping down near the deck.  Joel has a long swim to the deck, so he wastes a ton of time and energy swimming.  He is exhausted by the time he gets to the deck, but unlocks the jet ski quickly.  Joel makes up some time by quickly using the jet ski to capture the flags.  The team gets a time of five minutes and forty two seconds. 

Brooklyn and DJ are confident they learned from Joel and Andrea’s mistakes.  Brooklyn is hanging from the helicopter, while DJ is dropped into the water.  DJ makes it close to the deck, but he wastes a ton of time trying to get on the jet ski.  Then he doesn’t realize he is sitting on the flag, which wastes even more time.  DJ is a lot slower on the jet ski than Joel was, so it is going to be close. 

Joe announces that it was a very close race.  But DJ and Brooklyn win with a time of five minutes and twenty seconds!  The couple takes home the $50,000 prize.

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