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Next Great Baker Recap: Oven Skills And Zoo Animals

January 02, 2012 08:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Next Great Baker on TLC, Minerva was finally given the boot after her drama became too much. This week, who will survive the the zoo animals and Buddy’s switcheroo? Read on for all the highlights!

Next Great Baker kicked off tonight as Buddy Valastro led the contestants into the other bakery room, where the ovens were located. For the baker’s challenge tonight, the contestants would have to unload the ovens as quickly as possible, in pairs. First up were Melo and Nadine, who struggled at first, and when Melo got a pan caught in the oven, they were disqualified. Heather G. and Ryan were up next, and despite Heather being pregnant, this pair knocked them out neatly in just over 3 minutes. Megan and Heather were up next and they were quick, but Megan ended up dropping one of the cakes, so they were disqualified!

Chad and Marissa were up next and Chad a strategy about turning the oven on and off at the perfect time, so nothing would get stuck in there. This was a great strategy, and it led Chad and Marissa to the win – they completed the challenge in just over 2 minutes. For winning the challenge, Chad and Marissa got to choose the teams, but there was a twist – they had to choose the teams they did not want. Marissa chose Heather G., Megan, and Melo to send to Chad’s team. Chad chose Heather, Nadine, and Ryan to send to Marissa’s team.

For the elimination challenge, Buddy had a surprise though – he switched the teams so that Chad and Marissa ended up with the teams that they did not want. Then Buddy surprised the contestants with some guests – a few zoo animals from The Turtle Back Zoo! For this challenge, the bakers would need to do a zoo cake that was four feet tall, and it had to include a life-sized cake version of one of the animals. And just when we thought that the drama left with Minerva, both teams were butting heads tonight.

Ryan was fed up with Chad’s lack of vision, and ended up trying to take over control of the team, while Marissa and Megan were having a go at it on their team. Ironically, both teams came up with the idea of a tree on top of a sheet cake, but when Buddy came to check the progress, he was aggravated about it and told them all that someone needed to lead the teams. Oddly enough, both teams stuck close to their original ideas, but added some animals all around the tree and base of the cake.

Chad’s team had created a cake with a large bear on it, and the bear’s head fell off as the team got the cake to The Turtle Back Zoo. Meanwhile, Marissa’s team lost a bird from their cake, because Megan butchered it as she tried to get it on the cake. At the judging table, Buddy liked the animals better from Chad’s cake, while he thought Marissa’s cake had a better, more detailed bottom portion. Buddy told Marissa that her team was safe, and also sent Nadine and Ryan to safety from Chad’s team.

It was down to Chad and Heather on the chopping block, and Chad broke down in tears trying to convince Buddy to keep him. Meanwhile, it was Heather’s awful bear that landed her in the bottom, and she pulled out a few tears as well. Despite Heather’s pleas that she wanted to stay aboard so she would not have to go back to exotic dancing to survive, Buddy chose to send her packing anyway.

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