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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The White Party Must Go On

January 02, 2012 09:29 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on Bravo, the ladies from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills are still partying the night away at Kyle Richards’ house.  The girls are trying to recover from having to tell Taylor and Russell Armstrong they couldn’t come into the party.  Keep reading to find out if Taylor will ever forgive Kyle for banning her from the party.

It’s back at the white party, where Taylor and Russell were denied entrance at the front door.  Kyle is crying and all the girls are comforting her. Meanwhile, Taylor and Russell are headed home in the limo.  It’s an awkward conversation between the two, when Russell says, “it was a lie.”  Taylor’s face seems to say it all, when Russell is denying any wrong doing on his part. 

“I have put too much effort into this party to not enjoy it,” Kyle tells the ladies.  All the girls head out to try to salvage the night.  As usual, Camille hits the dance floor with her sexy moves.  Kyle is grossed out by Kim and Ken’s kissing on the dance floor.  She just doesn’t believe that Kim is actually happy with this man. 

Ken and Lisa are packing for Hawaii.  The whole gang, minus Taylor, is headed to Hawaii to celebrate Mauricio’s birthday.  Kyle is not happy that Kim is bringing Ken to Hawaii, so this should be an interesting trip.  Everyone begins arriving to the airport, except for Kim.  “This is so typical Kim,” Kyle gripes to the cameras.  The girls just shrug it off that Kim is always late and hopefully she will make the next flight. 

Instead of a trip to Hawaii, Taylor takes a trip to the therapist’s office.  The therapist points out that there is no communication between Taylor and Russell.  “I felt so angry at him that he can’t control himself,” Taylor tells the therapist.  “I don’t want to be attached to his behavior,” Taylor breaks down and begins to cry.  It is all getting to be too much for Taylor to manage.  Her therapist tells her, it’s time for a tough decision. 

The group begins to board the plane and Kim is definitely not making this flight.  Kyle calls Kim and just gets more aggravated when Kim isn’t sure if she is on the next flight or not.  After the flight to Honolulu, the group boards a very small plane to get to the next island.  “This is a bus with wings,” Kyle yells at Mauricio.  Brandi has to pop some Xanex to make the flight bearable.  All the Xanxex makes Brandi very entertaining on the bus ride to the hotel.

After a long day of travelling the group finally arrives at the hotel.   The group gathers for some cocktails and Brandi is still pretty loopy.  That’s when Brandi tells everyone that Ken, Kim’s man, looks like a bull mastiff dog. 

Paul finally arrives in Hawaii and has breakfast with Adrienne.  Paul wants the trip to be romantic, but Adrienne doesn’t think she will be able to relax. 

Brandi and Camille hit the pool for some sun time.  “Your body is incredible, you look amazing,” Camille tells Brandi.  Brandi barely has a bathing suit on, but she does have a great body. “That’s not a bikini that’s butt floss,” is how Lisa describes it. 

The group then heads to the beach to join Kyle and Mauricio.  Kyle is still annoyed that Kim hasn’t shown up yet.  The girls are chatting about nonsense when Lisa gets a call from Taylor.  Taylor shares the news that her marriage is over. Kyle and Lisa are shocked by the news! 

Taylor tells the ladies that Russell is moving out and they are going to be the best co-parents to their daughter.  Taylor shares, “she feels she is at peace” with the decision. 

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Isn’t it crazy to watch the whole Taylor and Russell story unfold, since we know the tragic ending?  Let us know what you think, comment below.

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