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Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: Tracey Gold and Carnie Wilson

January 03, 2012 11:44 AM by Perry Miller

Celebrity Wife Swap aired an exclusive sneak peak last night after ABC’s The Bachelor. The episode featured actress Tracey Gold and singer/television host Carnie Wilson who swapped husbands for 1 week to see how the other half lives. These two veteran entertainers could not be more different, so how did they handle the swap? Read on to find out.

You probably remember Tracey Gold (below) as Carol Seaver from the hit 1980′s sitcom Growing Pains. Now she is all grown up and lives a seemingly idyllic life with her husband, Roby, and 4 adorable sons. Tracey Gold runs her own home, and keeps it neat and her family on time. She is in a very loving relationship with her husband and spends lots of quality time with her kids. The opposite can be said about Carnie Wilson. The daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, and a pop star  in her own right with Wilson Phillips, Carnie Wilson and her husband, Rob, have a nanny, a housekeeper and still live in chaos. Rob, a music producer, spends most of his time in his home studio, leaving Carnie and the hired help to tend to the couple’s 2 daughters and their daily activities.

The episode begins with each wife leaving her family. Tracey Gold seems genuinely sad to leave her children and her loving husband and says that the woman who is trading places with her is “lucky” to get to spend the time with her husband and her children.

Carnie Wilson, on the other hand, seems tired when she is getting ready to leave and hopes that the experience helps her husband re-evaluate his priorities and have their family come before his music.

As Carnie Wilson first pulls up to Tracey Gold’s home she exclaims that it is “a little Stepford”, and the inside looks like a “dollhouse” because it is s0 neat and tidy. Tracy is appalled by the interior of Carnie’s home, with food left out and rotting on the kitchen counters. She says that living in a home like this would leave her feeling “itchy”.

The celebrity wives next sit down to read the household manual that the other has left for them. It details how their home is run day to day. Both Carnie and Tracey will abide by the other’s rules for the first half of the week. The look on Carnie Wilson’s face is priceless when she realizes that she is going to be living with 4 boys!

Although their household manuals are really different, each wife embraces the challenge. Carnie Wilson struggles from the beginning, finding it difficult to get the boys up, make their beds, pick out their clothes, make them breakfast and still get out the door on time. When Roby suggests that she throw in a load of laundry, since that is what his wife would do, Carnie has to explain that she will need his help because she doesn’t know how to work a washing machine.  After cutting it close, all of the boys make it into the car and are on their way. Carnie learns that the whole family likes to run on time when one of the boys questions the time.

“Are we late,” panicky son Aiden asks his father.

“Never,” says Roby.

“Never?” asks an incredulous Carnie.

“Not yet…”

Meanwhile Tracey Gold is bored being the wife at Carnie Wilson’s home. With the nanny and Aunt Dee Dee taking care of the kids and Rob locked away in his studio, she is left alone and to fend for herself. When the girls return from camp, Tracey tries to get Rob to join the family for dinner and bedtime, to no avail.

After the first half of the week, it is time for the new wives to change the rules. Tracey Gold decides to give the household staff the rest of the week off, that Rob needs to take the girls to camp and requires every member of the family to eat dinner together. Rob seems apprehensive and makes no promises to abide by any of the new rules.

On the flip side, Carnie Wilson removes all rules from Tracey Gold’s household. The younger boys seem excited by the opportunity to do whatever they want. While her oldest son, Sage, and husband Roby seem nervous about the mess that will be created.

After starting out apprehensive, Rob fulfills the rules that Tracey sets. He needs to be prodded out of the studio to do so, but he takes his daughters to camp, joins the family for dinner and even joins in the bedtime routine. After the girls are put to sleep on the last night, Tracey talks to Rob about his priorities. He acknowledges that he is missing some important moments with his daughters and promises some changes.

The chaos that ensues with Carnie Wilson’s new rule of “no rules” is not too bad at all. The three youngest boys do make messes and play with silly string, but the laundry piling up is what really seems to bother Roby.

On the last night that Carnie spends with Roby, she is moved when he talks about how much he misses Tracey and cannot wait for her to come home. Carnie truly feels that she needs more out of her relationship from Rob; she actually would like a relationship like Roby and Tracey.

When the families are reunited, the closeness in Roby and Tracey is obvious. They embrace passionately and cannot stop kissing. While Rob and Carnie share a quick peck and a hug. After discussing the obvious differences in their families, the talk turns to their marriages. Carnie Wilson expresses her desire to have a relationship more like Tracey Gold and Roby, Rob says he doesn’t “want to be reprimanded” into intimacy. Tracey and Roby explain that they work really hard at their relationship and that it cannot be done without spending time together. Rob explains to Carnie that he will try and make family more of a priority.

After a hectic and educational week, both Tracey Gold and Carnie Wilson, are elated to return to their families.

Be sure to catch the next all new episode of Celebrity Wife Swap featuring Gary Busey and Ted Haggard tonight on ABC at 9/8c. Click here for a preview of the show!

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  1. Rosie Says:
    April 5th, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    Watched this episode last night and frankly I was shacked by the disgusting mess in Wilson’s home. Yet she has a nanny, her aunt who helps with the 2 children. And her husband who participates in absolutely nothing. Obviously he has no interest in his wife or children. I would be horribly embarrassed for any one to see my home in such a mess. Ugh.


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