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It’s A Brad, Brad World Recap: Haute In Hollywood

January 03, 2012 09:59 PM by Ashley Lee

The former styling assistant of The Rachel Zoe Project is back on Bravo with his own hour-long reality show, It’s A Brad, Brad World, and if you love watching a solo stylist at work or want to see what Brad refers to as “a really positive representation of a gay couple,” then this is the new show for you! Read on for a recap of the season premiere, complete with singer Keri Hilson, longtime boyfriend Gary Janetti, and a handful of very well dressed Brad clones!

It’s A Brad, Brad World follows Brad Goreski as he attempts to jumpstart his celebrity styling career in Los Angeles, hopefully outside the shadow of former boss Rachel Zoe. We’ll not only be watching him work on editorial shoots and celebrity runways on the red carpet, but we also immediately meet his boyfriend of ten years, Gary Janetti. The two met in Greece and have been inseparable ever since.

“We spent a week together, and four days later I flew to LA and I never left,” Brad shares. The sitcom writer, mostly known for his work with Will & Grace and Family Guy lives with Brad in a Hollywood Hills home, along with their dogs, Penelope and Jasper.

However, their relationship may be changing due to Brad’s career ambitions. “I was for many years like a sitcom wife….and now it’s like I’m going back to work.” Brad is called to style actress Diane Lane for two premieres while Gary announces that he’ll be taking a trip to Europe for a few days. “Sometimes Brad and I take totally separate trips,” says Gary. “It’s totally normal because we do so much together.”

Brad then heads to his “studio” in their home garage, which Gary can’t stand. “I wouldn’t wanna get changed in the garage…hm, no, that would not work for me. I hate dirty dresses!” he says. “I just wish he would get an office, I don’t like clutter.”

Another project is also on the table: Brad is styling and starring in an editorial shoot for Paper Magazine, and he’s accompanied by four models who will be his clones! In need of a few extra hands, he hires a styling assistant for the day and is hoping to try out as many people as possible until he finds the right fit. “It’s hard for me to slip out of my assistant role and be a boss,” he says. What is he looking for? “Somebody who can set up the shoot, unpack the shoot, load up the shoot. It’s something that I’m trying not to do anymore.”

As much as Brad loves being featured in the magazine for being a celebrity, but he’s hoping to make a name for himself specifically as a stylist. “I never thought I would ever be known for looking for a certain way but in the next year there has to be something else…I can style for people that don’t look like me.” He and the photographer share a few painful memories of growing up gay, and they both acknowledge that they’re proud of both their professions and their sexuality. “I love styling, I love clothes.” says Brad. “It’s basically like having Barbie dolls come to life!”

Unfortunately, Brad’s styling assistant doesn’t pack up the clothes fast enough and causes a mix up about crucial paperwork. “It didn’t end well.” says Brad. Neither did his other gig: Brad gets a call from his manager with news that Diane Lane is now working with a different stylist.

Gary offers his support. “When you’re kind of starting out and you’re taking that leap of faith, you have to give yourself the opportunity to fail,” he says. Brad pledges to be more aggressive to land new clients, and after a trip to the gym and a few appointments around town, Brad finds out that he’ll be styling singer Keri Hilson for the MET Ball! In addition to styling his one loyal client, Jessica Alba, of course. He refers to the event as “the fashion Oscars…Everyone is waiting to judge you and judge your work, it’s a big deal.”

Instead of inviting Keri Hilson to his garage for the fitting, Brad instead brings his team for the day to the singer’s hotel room in Los Angeles. After trying on a few vintage dresses, they settle on a gray Versace gown that Brad initially had in mind for her the second he learned of the opportunity. ”It photographs like liquid silver.”

Brad heads home to prepare for the Us Weekly “Haute in Hollywood” party. Gary isn’t usually up for Brad’s fashion parties because he loathes the small talk, but they get ready nevertheless. When describing their styles, Brad shares that “Gary is more gentlemanly…I am the J.Lo version of Gary!”

In a super sparkly Dolce & Gabbana jacket, Brad works the red carpet. “I spend most of the night talking to people that I know, and Gary spends most of his time waiting for me to stop talking to people that I know.” But Brad knows that this isn’t the type of work that he needs. “Looking cute does not pay the bills,” he says. “I need to be getting people ready for the red carpet, not walking the red carpet. I need to get out there and work.”

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