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The Biggest Loser Recap: Season 13 Premiere

January 03, 2012 08:35 PM by Lisa Princ

Just a few short weeks ago, we watched the season twelve finale of NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, where John Rhode walked away with $250,000 and the win. Tonight, The Biggest Loser returned with 20 new contestants, as well as Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince. With so many new twists, would the contestants make it through their first week on the ranch? Read on for all the highlights!

The Biggest Loser returned tonight with the premiere of season 13, and first we met the new teams, who consisted of: Gail Lee (Realtor), 57, and her daughter, Lauren Lee (Exercise physiologist), 26; Mark Cornelison (Youth pastor), 43, and his son, Isaac “Chism” Cornelison (Student), 19; Kim Stone (Registered nurse), 48, and her daughter, Megan Stone (Student and support staff for organization that assists disabled adults), 21; Nancy Rajala (Retired), 63, and her granddaughter, Cassandra Sturos (In-home senior caregiver), 25; Conda Britt (Nutrition health services tech), 24, and her brother, Jeremy Britt (Banker), 22; Adrian Dortch (Music producer and community activist), 34, and his sister, Daphne Dortch (Paralegal/Kids activity team member), 37; Joe Messina (Truck driver), 38, and his brother, Mike Messina (Cook), 41; Allen “Buddy” Shuh (Pastor), 42, and his brother, Ben Shuh (Retail store manager), 34; Christine Pickler (self-employed), 42, and her husband, Roy (Self-employed/Santa Claus), 63; and last but not least were strangers, Emily Joy (Teacher), 29, and Kim Nielsen (Former professional wrestler), 38.

Before the teams could enter The Biggest Loser ranch, they were greeted by Alison Sweeney, who informed them that they would be competing in a challenge to see which 9 teams would be going through the gate and to the ranch. Nothing like a little competition to get things started! First up, one member of each team had to run 40 meters, with only the first four crossing the finish line, guaranteeing themselves a spot on the ranch. From there, the remaining teams would have to sprint and put a puzzle together, with the four quickest teams, once again getting through the gate. Finally, the two remaining teams, would have to compete in an endurance challenge, which consisted of holding themselves up on a barrel, with all their weight on their toes, using only one another to hold on to. After the challenge, it was Adrian and Daphne Dortch who ended up losing the challenge. But before they were sent home, Alison informed them that they had a chance to earn a spot back on the ranch – if they could lose 50 lbs in a month.

Next on The Biggest Loser, the teams were greeted by Dolvett Quince, who hopped out of a plane, while Bob Harper surprised them on a motorcycle! But the fun and games did not last, as it was then time to hit the gym. And what a tough time these contestants had – they were falling, and vomiting, and just a big ole mess. Ironically, this season’s contestants seem to be a bit smaller than we’ve seen in the past few recent seasons. However, we watched as Buddy, the biggest contestant this season, got some bad news from Dr. H, that he may suffer a heart attack soon, as his arteries were not looking good – this made Buddy even more determined to get the weight off.

After they worked out for a bit, Alison Sweeney returned to reveal that this season, the teams would split up, with one member on Bob’s team, and one member on Dolvett’s team, but they could decide how to split up. The teams then chose where they wanted to be, and at the last chance workout, Dolvett got quite comical with his team, who were older and appeared to need to frequent the potty, and Dolvett was determined to beat Bob at the weigh in – did he do it? Here is how the contestants fared at their first weigh in:

Bob Harper’s Black Team

from 322 lbs to 313 lbs (-9)

from 361 lbs to 349 lbs (-16)

from 259 lbs to 252 lbs (-7)

from 240 lbs to 232 (-8)

from 389 lbs to 376 (-13)

from 357 lbs to 342 lbs (-15)

from 396 lbs to 381 (-15)

from 264 lbs to 254 lbs (-10)

from 239 lbs to 225 lbs (-14)

*Total team loss of 103 lbs and 3.64%

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team

Roy aka Santa
from 306 lbs to 292 lbs (-14)

from 294 lbs to 285 lbs (-9)

from 358 lbs to 345 (-13)

from 219 lbs to 210 lbs (-9)

from 246 lbs to 237 lbs (-9)

from 291 lbs to 282 lbs (-9)

from 217 lbs to 212 lbs (-5)

from 252 lbs to 239 lbs (-13)

from 403 lbs to 381 (-22)

*Total team loss of 103 lbs and 3.98%

This meant that Dolvett had the winning team tonight, after the first week on the ranch, Dolvett was celebrating! Cassandra was the only member of Bob’s team that was safe due to her percentage of weight loss, and when it came time to plead their cases, Ben decided to take one for the team as he asked to be sent home. Ben expressed how much he missed his family, and that his wife was expecting baby number 10, so the team went with his request and sent him home. Since being sent home, Ben has lost 50 lbs and continues his healthy journey at home with his family.

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