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Extreme Couponing: All-Stars Premiere Recap

January 04, 2012 06:44 AM by Beth Stewart

Tonight in TLC‘s Extreme Couponing All-Stars Premiere, Judy “The Couponator” faces off with Antoinette “Sister Save-A-Lot”, each of them vying for the sought-after title of TLC’s Extreme Couponerall in the name of charity.

First up on tonight’s show, was the showdown between Jen from Las Vegas, Nevada and Joni from Sylvania, Ohio. Jen has twenty years of coupon experience. Joni is a mother of seven who has saved $80,000.00 in the last year alone.

The rules are that each shopper must purchase at least $500.00 worth of merchandise without paying full price for anything and each shopper must have 15 unique items.

A win is based on the person who gets the best savings percentage overall. Whatever is put in the cart has to be bought so the shoppers have to be careful. At the end of the challenge, the goods they pick up will all be donated to their respective local food bank.

The first order of business was to scout out the store for the layout and to find out what items were on sale. Both Jen and Joni have a team of enthusiastic helpers, plus their husbands, to help them strategize.

Next, each team clips coupons and reviews and revises their shopping lists.

On shopping day the ladies are ready to prove they are, “The Ultimate Coupon Master.” The store managers each put thirty minutes on the clock and they start!

As they run through the store loading item after item on cart after cart, Joni suddenly freaks when she realizes she doesn’t have enough different items in her carts and scrambles to fix that problem. She also realizes she didn’t receive her pre-ordered products but they finally arrive. She finishes with time left on the clock.

Meanwhile Jen is getting flustered and grabs more products than she has coupons for. She tallies her products and finishes with just four minutes and twelve seconds left. As her items are being totaled, some of her coupons aren’t registering correctly so they have to be entered by hand. She says it’s the longest checkout she’s ever had.

Joni ends up with a total of almost $2,000.00 of groceries and has 100% savings. Jen loses to Joni by just .04%. Joni has secured a spot on the “Extreme Couponing: All-Star Finale.”

Jen and Joni were both thrilled to be able to donate back to each of their communities.

Next on Extreme Couponing, we watched Connecticut’s Judy “The Couponator” face off with Chicago’s Antoinette, “Sister-Save-A-Lot.”

Again the shoppers have a mere thirty minutes to spend $500.00 and whoever saves the most wins. Only one couponer can claim the golden shopping cart and move closer to the all-star challenge.

Judy “The Couponator” does a rap song about how she’s going to win the challenge.  Antoinette simply says she’s going to kick Judy’s booty. Each of them can scout with a teammate. Couponing protege Danielle joins Antoinette. Helping Judy is husband Frank and daughter Francesca, who is pumped. Each of the couponers think thirty minutes is not near enough time to do what needs to be done.

Judy’s family helps her clip, plan and exercise in order to keep her in peak physical condition.

The manager shouts “Coupon” and the ladies start running.  Antoinette heads to the meat department, makes a counting error and loses some time. Judy grabs hot chocolate that ends up free.

At the twenty minute mark, Frank sounds a loud horn. Judy is careful to keep to her plan to avoid re-tracing her steps and checks in with four minutes and seven seconds to go. Judy gets nervous when there’s a glitch in the cash register so the cashier has to manually enter some of the items. Her resulting savings is 95.9%.

Antoinette is in a frenzy picking up the last few items and then she runs out of time. She falls short and is under the $500.00 minimum. Despite a 72%savings she is eliminated from the competition.

Both Judy and Antoinette had a great time and agree that couponing enables them to give back. “It’s very satisfying.”

Tune in next week to see the Extreme Couponing All-Stars in Action!

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