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Tori & Dean Recap: Home Sweet Hollywood – Coming Clean

January 04, 2012 12:07 AM by Ashley Lee

In the last episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling lied to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about their pregnancy on national morning television. However, as the 12-week mark approaches and the press push their rumored stories more aggressively, Tori and Dean are finally ready to come clean about their family’s upcoming addition. But that’s not all; Dean starts cooking up something new, Tori’s hoarding gets out of control and the two take Coco onstage to fight bullying!

Tori and Dean have tried their hardest to stick with their secret until after their 12-week doctor’s appointment, but one more major red carpet event is before that ultrasound: the GLAAD awards, a cause that the couple is passionate about. Tori will be presenting an award with Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who always brings her Pomeranian, Jiggy, on the red carpet and onstage; so in an effort to deflect from pregnancy rumors, Tori decides to make a matching dress for her chicken, Coco, and bring her along as well!

“Doesn’t every chicken deserve to look chic?” she laughs. “No one is gonna be asking about a baby bump when I have a dressed up chicken in hand!” Her plan works flawlessly and Tori has fun hosting: “I was gonna bring my dog too,” she banters with Vanderpump, ” [but] I chickened out!”

Dean has his own projects: he wants to take cooking classes! He visits the Art Institute of California to confirm his decision. “I haven’t been in school since 1985! I’m 44, going to cooking school, what am I doing?” he asks himself. “I have a third child on the way, we have a store to run…should I be doing this?” In his first class, he overcooks his frittata by burning the bottom, yet despite his nerves and first-day mistake, he pledges to continue on with the program.

Tori then decides she wants to do a spoof off of hoarding shows in partnership with FunnyOrDie.com called “Gay Hoarders.” The house fills up with tons of funny characters in costumes, and actress Sally Kirkland guest stars as the therapist, and American Idol alum Clay Aiken also stops by! Even more so, while picking up props for the new project, she also shopped at a few estate sales and drives home a truck full of new inventory for invenTORI.

At their 12-week doctor’s appointment, everything goes off without a hitch with the ultrasound. “Better they hear it from us…Twitter, announce it on twitter. It just feels more personal. Hear it from us rather than some media source.” She sends the tweet alongside her publicist and is flooded with “congratulaTORI” messages, but on the next day, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb call Tori out on her lie by calling her a “stink pie!” How will she apologize to her good friend, Kathie Lee? Meanwhile, Tori also makes amends with invenTORI manager Sally on the news.

Tori and Dean start making rounds about their pregnancy and first stop by Access Hollywood. “It’s a big relief not to have to hide this bump anymore, but this Kathie Lee thing is still in the back of my mind,” Tori says. She sends the two Today hosts a note and a flower bouquet in the shape of a dog, and they publicly forgive Tori! Dean also goes shopping for cooking/school supplies. “Aren’t you happy I’m spending money on cooking stuff instead of motorcycle stuff?” he asks. “Hell yes, cook all you want!” Tori shouts.

The family attends the premiere of her short film “Gay Hoarders” at Outfest, the gay and lesbian film festival in Los Angeles. How did Tori feel about watching her family on the big screen? “It says something to have an idea and follow through with it…and then show it to people, it was like the ultimate experience.” The FunnyOrDie.com short is well received, and Outfest invites her to contribute another film to the festival in the future.

With their third pregnancy, Tori and Dean shoot “pregnancy progress shots” of her belly, but Stella starts to feel a little left out. The couple comforts their daughter, explaining to them that there’s tons of love to go around and that the baby is currently the size of a potato. “We’re gonna have a potato baby!” says Dean.

Though the news was delivered with ease, and all of their new projects seem successful, next week’s preview doesn’t look too promising. With Dean’s cooking accident and Tori’s constant exhaustion, is it time to put their careers on hold and make the pregnancy a top priority?

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

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