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Clay Aiken Respects Donald Trump More Than Simon Cowell

January 05, 2012 01:03 PM by Ashley Lee

Clay Aiken may have come in second on American Idol, but now that he’s on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, he’s comparing the harsh personalities of both reality competitions. What’s the verdict? The singer respects Donald Trump more than Simon Cowell, because Trump is more successful and therefore more intimidating! Read on to see just what Aiken means – it may not be nice, but it’s definitely makes logical sense.

After competing in both American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice, Clay Aiken shared his views on both of reality television’s meanest men:

“Being in front of Trump is more intimidating than (being in front of Cowell),” Aiken said. “That’s because you realize his success is real outside of TV. Whereas with Cowell, I don’t deny him his value – but singing is not his expertise.”

Aiken never explicitly tried to impress Simon while onstage. “I expected meanness from Simon, because I felt Simon’s job was to be rough and brutal, and therefore it didn’t matter as much what he said to me.”

Yet he felt the opposite about Donald Trump, who he thought was “trying to torch each contestant to find all the things they did wrong. I really wanted to be the one person he liked, the one person who he thought, ‘Well, he’s not stupid.’”

The singer compares Trump and Cowell’s intimidation tactics to teaching styles in a classroom. “I had a Spanish teacher in high school. I rarely got in trouble in her room because I felt I was disappointing her if I got a bad grade. That had more power over me than teachers who told me I talked too much. That level of respect I had for her made me not want to fail for her. I never had that feeling with Cowell — but I had it with Trump.”

Aiken also tried much harder because he was put to the test beyond what he knows. “Singing I can do, and if Simon didn’t like it then I wouldn’t be like, ‘I can’t sing!’ With Trump, it’s not my expertise, and it is his, and so therefore I have a little more respect for him because I realize I’ve got to work harder.”

What’s the final comparison?

“Being on this show in general was ten times harder than Idol. Hands down.”

Will you be watching the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday?

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