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Jersey Shore Recap: Season Five Premiere!

January 05, 2012 09:20 PM by Candace Young

Jersey Shore returns tonight for it’s fifth crazy season on MTV. Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation, JWoww, Deena, Sammi, Ron, and Vinny are all glad to be putting season four in Italy behind them. Keep reading to find out if the tension between Mike and the others will continue, how long it will take them to GTL, and who will want to leave the Seaside Heights house…

The gang are so happy to be returning from Italy to Jersey Shore, with the only issue being that no one wants to room with Mike. They cheer as they pull into Seaside Heights and pull up to the house. Snooki declares that she’s going to throw up! Squealing ensues as they rush into the Jersey Shore house. Vinny dry humps Pauly D on his bed and Jenni grins that she’s home.

Sammi is less than thrilled to find herself rooming with Mike again. Mike assures her they’re cool, and Ron just wants Mike to stay out of their relationship. Down in the kitchen, Snooki is being reunited with pickles and doing shots of pickle juice. Ron whips up some Ron Ron Juice in the blender and everyone prepares to hit the boardwalk and see Danny at The Shore Store.

In the t-shirt shop, Danny shows them the schedule and says he wants to take them all out to Captain Hook’s tomorrow night. On the boardwalk, Snooki rides the mechanical bull and they all get on the rides.

Back at the house, the guys head out for some emergency sessions – it’s GTL time! Pale and skinny, the guys are ‘in heaven’ as they make the rounds of the tanning salon, laundromat, barber, and gym.

The girls stay behind and Snooki tries unsuccessfully to reach Jionni on the phone. She’s upset because her hook-up with Vinny in Italy has left things in a bad place. The guys return and everyone admires Vinny’s new hairstyle – a cross between a mohawk and a mullet according to Ron.

They head to Captain Hook’s where they find an empty bar…but, everyone jumps out to surprise them! All of their family and friends are there. Vinny’s Uncle Nino, Jionni (which makes Snooki sob in relief), and Roger. JWoww is concerned about Jionni being in the mix – she thinks things could get ugly. Pauly D feels bad for Jionni, explaining that he’d feel like a loser being in the room with the guy who slept with his girlfriend.

Also in attendance is The Unit – the witness to Mike and Snooki hooking up. Snooki doesn’t trust him, and doesn’t want him in the house. The Unit and Snooki get into it at the bar. It escalates despite Mike’s attempts to talk Snooki down. He warns her not to keep provoking The Unit. Ron watches as Jionni returns from the restroom – he thinks Snooki and Mike did hook up because she’s behaving like a person with a guilty conscience.

JWoww gets involved and warns Snooki in the washroom not to make it worse. They head back out and say their goodbyes. Vinny is emotional seeing off his family.

Mike brings The Unit back to the house and Snooki ushers Jionni quickly into her room. Sammi watches as Mike offers The Unit a change of clothes and murmurs that he has gay tendencies. Ronnie fires up the barbecue. Mike wants to know where Snooki is at – he’s amused that she’s hiding. Outside, Pauly is flirting with Ryder and Sammi notices that Deena is upset by it. Sammi laughs that Ryder really gets around in their house.

When Pauly takes Ryder to his bed, Deena goes and sits in his room. Eventually, after much awkwardness, she leaves. Pauly isn’t sure he wants to smush Ryder because she’s Vinny’s sloppy seconds, but he changes his mind. In the morning, all the guys chuckle about riding Ryder like a bus ride before going to breakfast.

Snooki and Jionni emerge from her room and Mike and The Unit are right there. Mike tries to convince Snooki to apologize to his friend. She does, and he takes it as a first step. Mike seems deflated, but tells the camera they have all summer to torment Snooki.

Up on the balcony, Vinny has a bad case of feeling homesick for his family. Ronnie tries to talk him through it, and Deena asks, “Do you wanna do sex?” Instead, Vinny allows himself to be talked into joining the others at Aztec.

In the club, Pauly is determined to find Vinny a girl to cheer him up, but there’s a lot of grenades. Pauly leaves with Vinny and they decide to just go back to the house.  Still in Aztec, Jionni offers Mike a shot. Mike smirks and takes it. Jionni proceeds to buy him drinks and shots all night. Snooki is totally weirded out – she warns Jionni that Mike will try to be shady.

At home, Vinny is unable to sleep or function. Pauly and Ron are very concerned. Vinny says he’s got nothing left to give – he wants to go home.

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