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Fear Factor Recap: Cages And Cockroaches

January 09, 2012 08:09 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on NBC, it’s a new episode of Fear Factor. The four teams of two will have to compete against each other in three different stunts. Underwater cages and cockroaches are just some of the fears the contestants will have to face tonight.  Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s Fear Factor.

Joe Rogan welcomes the four contestants who are willing to face their fears, and most likely their gag reflexes, in order to win $50,000.   We have boy college cheerleaders versus Jersey girls.  The Jersey girls claim they are “not fisting pumping tool bags.”  Darn it – that would be way more fun to watch the Jersey Shore cast on Fear Factor. 

Stunt #1

One member of a team will be submerged underwater strapped in a cage, so they can experience what it’s like to drown.  The other person will then have to cut the wires and unlock the cage, so both can swim to safety.  It will all come down to not panicking and how long the person can hold their breath. This isn’t a smoker’s challenge.

The Jersey girls, who are also singing telegram girls, are chosen at random to go first.  Jenna is having difficulty cutting the ropes and keeps going up for air, while poor Antonella is holding her breath in a cage.  After 45 seconds the team panics and gives up!  The Jersey girls fist pump their way off the show. 

Zuleika and Raman are up next and they are a little more nervous after watching the girls fail.  Raman is in the cage, while the Zuleika is trying to cut the wires to free him.  Again, the girl is having difficulty cutting the ropes.   Raman shakes the cage after 40 seconds and quits.  Just another team who doesn’t want to risk dying for $50,000. What’s wrong with these people?

The male cheerleaders, James and Louis, are ready to “not give up” in this stunt.  These cheerleaders don’t mess around and get the job done in one minute and 18 seconds.  After they get out of the water the duo perform a cheer for Joe.  Joe isn’t impressed! 

Tia and Bobby are the last team to perform the stunt.  Tia is in the cage, while Bobby is trying to free her. This team has a plan and is executing it well.  Tia held her breath for over a minute and they get a final time of one minute 24 seconds.

Stunt #2

Two teams have already been eliminated, so it’s the engaged couple versus the cheerleaders for the money.  Joe Rogan pulls up in the “Fear Factor Roach Coach” or a sick twist on a food truck. Basically this will be the gag reflux challenge, so get ready!

It’s a menu of roaches and grasshoppers, but with a side of rat hair tortilla chips and maggot blood salsa.  The maggot blood salsa is beyond disgusting!  You can begin the dry heaving now.  Can you believe these people are going to eat this stuff for only a chance at $50,000?

Tia and Bobby are up first and the cheerleaders get to choose what they will eat.  Tia and Bobby are given the hissing cockroaches, which of course comes with the chips and salsa specialty. 


Tia picks up the blood and has it dripping from her mouth like a vampire.  The cockroaches are hissing and pooping, yes pooping, as Bobby puts it in his mouth.  Even Joe comments, “this is so nasty.”  The 15 minutes expire, but they didn’t finish their entire menu.  This means they will have to wait and see what the cheerleaders can eat. 

“Are they going to hurt us?”  James and Louis ask about the extremely large grasshoppers.  I don’t think the prize money would cover the medical bills from eating this stuff!   The grasshoppers are eating the maggots in the blood – this is so gross.  Then James takes the blood like it’s a beer and chugs it, but he can’t keep it down and he spits some of it out.  “You are savages,” the host tells the team as they finish the challenge in the 15 minutes.  Those cheerleaders are C-R-A-Z-Y!

Stunt #3

The teams are still recovering from the previous day’s challenge.  The cheerleaders share, “I got it all out, but there were some full animals in there!”  Can you even imagine? 

Joe tells the teams their final challenge.  One person will be driving a car, while the other person is jumping out the back of the bus to the car to retrieve flags.  It will be crucial for the person driving the car to stay as close to the bus as possible. 

Tia and Bobby are chosen to do the stunt first.  As an ex-football player, Bobby is confident that he can jump back and forth without a problem.  Bobby is doing an excellent job retrieving all the flags.  After 13 flags the team completes the stunt in two minutes and 33 seconds. 

James and Louis are pumping themselves up for this challenge.  Louis is driving and James will be doing the leaping back and forth.  James looks like he is doing belly flops on the car, while Bobby looked like Spiderman.  It’s not pretty to watch, but James is getting it done. 

It’s going to be close and it all comes down to the clock.  Joe announces that James and Louis win with a time of two minutes and 19 seconds.  Don’t mess with these cheerleaders! 

What did you think about tonight’s episode?  Will you be ordering rat hair chips and maggot salsa anytime soon? 

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