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Next Great Baker Recap: The Joke Is On You

January 09, 2012 08:38 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Next Great Baker on TLC, we watched as the teams tackled zoo animals, and emotions ran high at the elimination table. This week, tempers flare as the teams are given a bridezilla, but who plays the ultimate joke? Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s episode!

Next Great Baker kicked off tonight with a Baker’s challenge that should have been a surefire win for Heather G. – piping. However, Heather, who is normally the queen of piping and wedding cakes, could not get it together on this challenge, maybe it was her pregnancy hormones getting the best of her? Both Nadine and Chad rocked the challenge with excellent drapery and design all over their cakes, while Ryan and Melo found themselves in the bottom, but neither of the two had much experience with piping, so they chalked it up to that. When Buddy took a look at cakes, he awarded Nadine the win, with Chad, not surprisingly right behind her.

But this week Buddy chose to do something different, as he let the bottom two choose their teams for the elimination challenge, and lead the team. It was no surprise that Melo and Ryan were in the bottom two, and after choosing their teams, Ryan may have made a huge mistake! Ryan chose to go with Marissa and Megan, while Melo chose Heather and Chad. Nadine was given the choice as to which team she wanted, and she chose Melo’s team. For the elimination challenge, the teams tackled wedding cakes, and the winning team would have an MVP this week, who would be getting a trip to Italy for their prize.

The teams were delighted with this news until the bridezilla entered the room. That’s right, this was no ordinary wedding cake! The team leaders were given 5 minutes each to spend with the bride, who would give her thoughts as to what she wanted on the cake. But this was no ordinary bride, this woman was insane as she could not seem to make up her mind as to what she wanted. Instead, she gave the guys a list of things she did not want, which included anything traditionally seen on wedding cake.

What the teams ended up with were navy blue cakes, although the bridezilla did mention she liked pink, but not pastel pink, nor cartoon pink – I have to admit, I don’t think either of the guys even heard that part as she seemed to have them both flustered. The sad part was that the bridezilla was not the worst of Ryan’s nightmare for the wedding cake, but instead, he had to deal with Marissa, who tried to lead the team – he was having no part of that drama. The tension was high on their team, and it heightened when Buddy brought the bride in to look at their progress. The insane bride and her even insaner bridesmaid did not like their cake at all.

But that did not compare to the reaction that Melo’s team got over their cake – the bride actually burst into tears over how awful their cake looked. The colors were wrong, the shapes were wrong, everything about the cake was wrong. Melo obviously did not listen to the rambling bridezilla very well, and after scrapping the cake, Nadine tried to take control of the team. Meanwhile, Heather spent the entire time making triangles, that wound up covering the entire cake – it looked like a huge, ugly mess when it was done.

When it was time to deliver the wedding cakes to the reception, both teams on Next Great Baker were shocked to see that the hall was empty. Instead, it was only the bride, the bridesmaid, Buddy and and two of his family members. It turned out that the joke was on them! These women were not bridezillas at all, but were actresses that Buddy hired to put the pressure on his bakers. By the time the teams calmed down from their frustration, Melo’s team was disheartened to learn that they had lost the challenge. Ryan’s team had the cleaner cake, and despite all the fighting on the team, Ryan himself won the trip to Italy. When it was time for elimination, it was Heather G. that was sent packing as she did not prove that she could be a leader, instead she sat quietly and wasted her time on triangles!

Be sure to check out TLC’s official Next Great Baker site for more information on the season two contestants, and contestant videos. This season promises to full of fun, drama, and of course, cake!

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  1. sugarcookie Says:
    January 10th, 2012 at 4:43 am


  2. momo Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 9:00 am

    How fake is the bride. This is not reality but an actress playing a part.


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