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The Bachelor Recap: Prince Pinot and the Stage Five Clinger

January 09, 2012 09:23 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik was introduced to his 25 bachelorettes, including the recipient of the first impression rose (who rode in on a horse), one who brought her grandmother, and one who hoped to stick around long enough to make Ben eat cow balls (she didn’t). Tonight, the ladies are heading to Sonoma, California to meet Ben on his home turf and, no surprise, there will be much more drama among the bachelorettes. Keep reading for all the highlights…

Looking like he could use a haircut and sounding a tad self-involved, Ben Flajnik starts things off by talking about how important it is that the ladies vying for his heart on The Bachelor get to see him in his hometown of Sonoma. Once the girls are in their new digs, Kacie B learns she’ll have the first one-on-one date with Bachelor Ben. Cue the cameras for one catty woman to hope Kacie won’t be coming home from the date – Courtney, the model.

Ben’s date with Kacie is a night walk through Sonoma. They both act cutesy as they play around on a piano and buy a Kermit the Frog lunchbox. When she secretly purchases a baton, the music trills to indicate that something special is happening – Kacie giggles and teaches Ben to ‘stir the pot’. Ben then twirls the baton himself in the middle of an intersection – all the while telling us how he’s really putting himself out there by making such an ass of himself. Ben talks about his late father and gives Kacie the rose.

Back at the house, the remaining girls get a card for a group date and Blakeley angrily tells the cameras that she didn’t come here to hang out with other women – deja vu, anyone?! This happens every season!

It’s becoming a time-honored tradition on The Bachelor for the first one-on-one date to be a real bonding experience. Accordingly, Ben and Kacie go to an empty theater and watch videos of their childhood. It sounds cheesy, and it felt that way, except Ben heard his late father’s voice for the first time in five years, which was genuinely moving.

Always a catty delight, it’s time for the group date. This one involves the eleven bachelorettes pretending to be thrilled about having to audition for a group of kids who will cast them in a play as fairy tale characters. Highlights include pig snorting and a sexy dance called ‘the sprinkler’. Basically it’s all a chance for Ben to show off how good he is with kids so the girls can gush – obviously he’d be a great father!

The play is staged complete with costumes and Ben finally shows some personality as Prince Pinot (don’t forget he runs a winery) and later, as a naked sheep – yes, the girls got their first looky-loo at Ben’s bod, and they liked it.

Later on the group date, Blakeley provokes the other girls over cocktails by bluntly informing them that she’ll be getting the rose. The women hiss about what a bitch she is – one even calls her a cougar! Gasp!

Ben kisses sweet Jennifer in the pool, but then ruins it by making out with bitchy Blakeley immediately after and giving her the rose! The girls seem dumbstruck that Blakeley actually pulled it off, but recover quickly and trash her soundly, calling her a candy-stripping hooker and a slut among other things. Meow! It’s so reminiscent of when Michelle Money emerged as the aggressive personality during the group date on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor.

Courtney, who you’ll remember is a model, scores the next one-on-one date, entitled, ‘Spin the Bottle’. She taunts the nicer girls with visions of her and Ben making out.

Courtney, Ben, and his dog, Scotch, picnic among the redwoods – it’s a back-to-basics date where they connect without any bells and whistles – just a dog whine or two. It all feels very genuine and like a done deal between the two of them. In the evening, Courtney scores a rose. Ben seems almost stunned to find himself thinking ahead to the future with her.

The Cocktail Party

This week’s cocktail party drama centers around Blakeley ‘stealing’ Ben, and taking time away from girls who don’t already have a rose. The girls gather around and complain instead of going and doing something about it, which makes one question how badly they really want time with Ben in the first place. In any case, during this round of name-calling, Blakeley is established as a ‘stage five clinger’.

In a noteworthy one-on-one, Jenna Burke, last week’s constant crier, gets a chance to redeem herself with Ben but is unable to string a coherent sentence together – again. Afterward, she cries. The girl needs to just give it up – no idea if it’s the wine, her nerves, or both, but this is just not working for her.

The laugh out loud moment of the night comes when poor Ben, unable to ignore the dramatic tension among the women any longer, goes looking for those missing and finds Blakeley crouching in a corner of the luggage room, and Jenna sobbing in one of the beds. Watching Ben try to be reasonable, while clearly bewildered, is just hilarious.

Rose Ceremony

Kacie B, Blakeley, and Courtney are safe. Ben gives roses to Jennifer, Emily, Elyse, Jaclyn, Erika, Rachel, Lindzi, Nicki, Casey S, Samantha, Monica, Jamie, and Brittney.  Shawn and Jenna are going home. Jenna – no surprise – cries her way off the show.

Ben and the remaining bachelorettes will go to San Francisco next week on The Bachelor.

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