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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Sisters Collide

January 09, 2012 09:20 PM by Megan Thompson


Tonight on Bravo it’s an all new episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Most of the ladies are still in Hawaii celebrating Mauricio’s birthday, while Taylor is at home ending her marriage. Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s RHOBH episode.

Paul and Adrienne are on a romantic walk in Hawaii.  In an off-camera interview Adrienne admits that she and Paul haven’t held hands in years.  What?  Adrienne and Paul need to stop bickering and start turning it up in the romance department.   You better hold onto your man Adrienne – Paul’s a catch!

Finally Kim arrives with her bulldog, I mean Ken, in Hawaii.  Kyle can hear Kim’s cackle and realizes her sister is in the room right next door.  Kyle is furious that Kim didn’t come and tell her that she finally made it to Hawaii. 

Lisa and Ken are both doing their hair, primping for Mauricio’s birthday dinner, when Kyle and Mauricio walk in.  Kyle tells Lisa that Kim is in the room right next door.  “You can hear them humping,” Lisa jokes to Kyle.  Kyle cringes at the thought. 

The group slowly gathers outside for Mauricio’s dinner party, except for Kim.  Kim and Ken show up late, as usual, and make their grand entrance. 

Immediately, Kyle interrogates Kim about missing her flight.  Kim quickly states that Ken had to work.  Kyle isn’t pleased with this answer, because Ken is retired!  Mauricio gives himself a birthday toast, but then roasts Kim for lying about being late!  “Why are you so worried about me?” Kim asks Kyle.  “It’s bullshit,” Kyle yells at Kim.  Can these sisters make this dinner anymore awkward? I’m sure they will try! 

The next day the entire group is waiting on a bus for Kim and Ken to show up.  Today’s excursion is a boat ride, but Kim and Ken are over 20 minutes late.  Finally Kyle is fed up and she and Lisa try to go find Kim.  After knocking on Kim’s door, she yells at her that everyone is waiting.  Ken finally answers the door and says they missed the alarm.  It’s 11:30! Do you really need to set an alarm if you need to be up by noon?

Kyle goes back to the bus and tells everyone they are leaving without Kim and Ken.  As the group is boarding the catamaran, Kim and Ken finally get out of bed.  Kim arrives to the dock just as the boat is pulling away. Who are the girls going to talk about if Kim is there anyways?  On the boat, all the girls appear to be getting along.  Lisa even admits to liking Brandi and her naughty sense of humor.

Kim and Ken are enjoying some alone time over lunch.  Ken tells Kim that the girls need to respect her and he isn’t going to stand for anything less.  Watch out – the bulldog is on attack!  The two mock Mauricio’s speech about the truth and then they share a kiss. 

Back in Beverly Hills, Taylor and Dana have lunch to discuss what’s going on with Taylor. ”I always believe you,” Dana tells Taylor.  Taylor breaks down in tears and tells Dana that she has given everything she possibly could. 

It’s evening in Hawaii and the group has gathered for yet another dinner.  Paul and Adrienne go on a walk with Kim to see how she is doing.  Paul comments that Ken seems like a very nice guy.  Just then Ken walks up and hears his name and gets all defensive.  Ken “doesn’t like the face” Adrienne was making.  What face?  Doesn’t he know she uses Botox and can’t make faces? Ken quickly apologizes when he finds out that he was wrong.  Whoops!

The group finally sits down to dinner.  How many birthday dinners can Mauricio have?  Kyle asks Kim what her and Ken did all day.  Kim tries to be positive and tells her that she had a relaxing day, but Kyle won’t let it go!  So again, Kyle brings up about Kim missing the flight.  Kim stays very calm, maybe it’s her meds, but Kyle is flying off the handle.  Then Ken throws in, “we don’t care. I’m tired of the whole thing.”  Finally Kim can’t take it anymore and her and Ken leave the dinner.

Kyle is left crying at dinner, while her friends try to support her.  Brandi calls Ken an enabler and thinks that Kim has substance abuse problems. 

Do you think Kyle is too hard on Kim?  Or has Kim just driven Kyle too far for so long?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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