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Dance Moms Recap: Abby Returns Ranting And Raving

January 10, 2012 08:55 PM by Amelia Cooper

Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller

Season 2 of Dance Moms premieres on Lifetime with the same fireworks that we came to expect from Abby Lee Miller last season, proving that we are in for quite the ride this season. It’s the start of a new competition season, and Abby is already ranting about how she is expecting another national championship from her dancers at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh. Read on to find out what other drama ensues between Abby, the dance moms, and the dancers on the season two premiere of Dance Moms.

One of the first tirades we get to witness is a favorite of Abby’s, annoyance with Holly, Nia’s mom, because she dares to be at work instead of at a mandatory meeting. Abby goes so far as to tell Nia, ”She needs to leave work, leave the job, forget it, and be here with you.” Perhaps Abby is overlooking the fact that Nia’s dance tuition is likely paid thanks to Holly’s job.

After congratulating the dancers on the national championship at Starbound in Lake Tahoe and for starring in a national music video, it might seem that Abby is softening a bit, but no, Abby gets right back to what she’s best known for – the pyramid, which is her system for ranking the girls from top to bottom. Not much has changed from last year with Mackenzie, Brooke, and Paige on the bottom; Nia and Chloe in the middle; and Abby’s not-so-secret favorite dancer, Maddie, sitting pretty on the top. Not surprisingly, none of the dancers nor the moms look even remotely surprised.

And then we cut to a very serene and sweet-looking Candy Apple’s Dance Center in Ohio. It definitely feels like the anti-Abby Lee Dance Center, calm and lacking screaming. It is owned and operated by Cathy, who’s daughter Vivi Anne attended Abby Lee Dance Center for a while, but who left because she disliked Abby’s rules and the way she runs her center. Cathy may not like Abby’s ways, however, she stole at least one idea, as she introduces her own dancers to the pyramid and vows to take on Abby’s dancers at competitions once again this season.

Back at Abby Lee’s, Holly shows up from work, ready to have it out with Abby. Abby argues that Abby cares more about Nia’s success than Holly, throwing in blow we thought was low even for Abby, calling Nia “not that swift.” Holly seems taken aback for a second, but fires back with “You are intimidated by me.” The exchange goes nowhere as always, and the two go their separate ways, presumably preparing for the next battle.

Unfortunately, the next battle will probably be soon, as we then see Holly tell Nia she can’t go to the competition on the weekend. Nia is visibly upset, but it’s hard to tell if she’s upset that her mom is going to miss her competition or because she knows Abby is going to be mad at her for her mom’s absence.

Open Call Auditions

As the open call auditions start to add one or more dancers to the team, the dance moms fret more about a new mom joining them than they do about a new dancer joining their daughters. And this is the reason this show is called “Dance Moms.” The auditions end with Jill making the dance moms’ team and her daughter, Kendall, making the dance team.

While countless other dancers and their moms are disappointed, Leslie is filled with rage that her daughter, Peyton, was not chosen. Going practically nose to nose with Abby, Leslie repeatedly screams, “FIND HER A SPOT, ABBY!” It seems like Leslie would make a good assistant for Abby.

Practicing For Competition

The dancers are practicing their solo routines for the weekend’s competition, while the dance moms are fretting about how Jill is going to fit in. Melissa insists they need to give her a chance, while Christi and Kelly have already made up their minds. They insist they’ve heard rumors about how she’s been difficult in other dance studios. Jill shows up, and Christi appears to be softening, “I love Jill’s voice.” And then adds, “Very 900 number.” Guess she’s made her mind up. Jill mentions she feels some tension between her and Christi. If she only knew.

Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller

One day before the competition, Abby is yelling and frustrated, as always, about where they are at with their choreography. Is she ever happy with these girls? Suddenly, she realizes that Brooke is upstairs, and as she demands that she comes back down, Abby notices that Brooke has writing on her hand. Abby calls it “tacky” which sends Brooke into tears. Kelly sees Brooke crying, and she goes off about Abby, “She’s a bitch!” After rehearsal, Kelly and Abby have a short yelling match about Kelly’s lack of parenting. Kelly wonders why her girls go to Abby’s studio. We do, too, sometimes.


The day of the competition arrives, and Holly lets Abby know she won’t be going. Abby literally closes her window in Holly’s face. Man, we were ready for the next battle. Meanwhile, on the bus trip, Jill and Kendall give a gift to Abby, a Chanel perfume gift set. Christi makes fun of the gift and quips, ”I would give Abby a three-month trial membership to Weight Watchers if I were to giver her a gift.” At least Christi speaks her mind.

The team arrives in Greensboro, NC, for their competition, and the girls complete their solo competitions. After Nia dances, Abby actually congratulates her, saying “She did a nice job”, even commenting that she was proud of her.  Abby’s back to herself, though, after Kendall, the new dancer, competes, pointing out to her that she looked nervous. Come on, Abby, you can’t even at least congratulate the girl first?!

Abby can at least be proud of three of her dancers. Nia wins fourth place in her age category, while Chloe and Maddie both take first place in their age category. Backstage, Jill confronts Abby about Kendall’s probation. Abby keeps her on probation, claiming she was disappointed and she’s expecting more, an entire package.

Dance Moms' dance team

The team competition begins, and Abby’s underwhelmed with their performance. However, the team wins first place. Abby still isn’t happy, “Was it good enough for me? No.” Once again, backstage, Abby reams out the girls, acting as if they’d lost the entire competition. Kelly confronts Abby’s insistence on a new routine, which somehow morphs into an argument about payments, during which Kelly screams at Abby, “You are a whore!”

As the show ends, Jill claims “these moms are crazy.” She’s already figured these dance moms out. She and Melissa seem to be teaming up to take on the others, which is going to prove very interesting in the weeks to come.

Next week’s preview reveals the team is heading to Ohio, the home of Candy Apple’s.

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