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It’s A Brad, Brad World Recap: Canadian Takeover

January 10, 2012 12:20 AM by Ashley Lee

The season premiere of It’s A Brad, Brad World introduced us to Brad Goreski as a solo stylist for the first time, booking both singer Keri Hilson and loyal client Jessica Alba for the MET Ball. But that’s just the first episode; will Brad continue to build his client repertoire as the season continues? Or will he be passed over like he was by Diane Lane in the season premiere? After watching the second episode, it’ll definitely be a bumpy road to the top. Read on for an episode recap of why Brad might be wishing he didn’t leave Rachel Zoe just yet.

This is Brad Goreski in a meeting with InStyle magazine, but it pretty much sums up how he felt throughout the entire episode tonight. He’s pitching ideas to the magazine of his dreams, looking to hire a personal assistant and finally having his family meet his boyfriend’s parents for the first time, even though he and sitcom writer Gary Janetti have been dating for ten years. ”Why did it take ten years anyway?” Brad says. “Now I’m starting to realize how weird that is.”

Luckily, the meeting with InStyle goes well, as they book Brad for a recurring monthly feature in the magazine, beginning in September!(By the way, the September issues in the fashion world are everything.)

Brad flies to New York because he also booked a job styling a shoot for Gilt Groupe, and even contributes his style rules for an editorial feature (check it out, it’s a must-read for the man in your life!). It’s a great day not only because the shoot goes well, but also because Brad works alongside the head of Gilt editorial, Tyler Thoreson. Smart, sexy…and straight!

“As a stylist, I’m being paid for my eye, how I see things and my taste level,” Brad reflects, “but I also think it’s a combination of other things, like i’m fun to be around, and I wear a cute outfit to a fitting!”

Why else is Brad so nervous in this episode? Because he stops into the office of DETAILS magazine to pitch a concept for an editorial shoot. He only has three ideas ready, and the editors are a picky crowd.

A first idea revolving around ties is rejected because it’s not “a proper fashion story” (ouch!), and a second modern concept is considered cliche. When jumping into his third idea around color-blocking, he’s immediately interrupted when an editor says, “You’re not the first person to come up with this idea.” However, Brad continues on that men can color-block in moderation, rather than always in extremes like Brad himself does. ”Because not everybody want to look like a box of crayons!” Yet the crowd doesn’t look pleased, and Brad leaves discouraged.

After picking up his family from the airport, hiring a personal assistant to help at fittings and grab his protein shakes (does he have enough money coming in to pay her though?), Gary flies into NYC from a trip to London as Brad follows up with DETAILS over the phone about the ideas he pitched.

And hold your horses, haters, because Brad books the job! He’ll be doing a color story of his signature style for the September issue. AKA the most important issue in a fashion magazine’s year. It’s like fashion rags to riches right here!

“I’ve been working so hard ever since I left [Rachel Zoe],” Brad says, as he cries tears of joy. Gary is incredibly happy for him, of course, but he has one request as they leave to celebrate with Brad’s family: “Just don’t cry in the restaurant!” (Note: knowing Brad’s tendency to tear up, he probably did.)

Too bad we didn’t get to sit through an awkward dinner of parents meeting parents…luckily, that’s all in next week’s episode, which also features his new assistant trying to drive in LA after living in New York City for the past six years. Yeah, I’d be as nervous as Brad is too.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World?

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