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Tabitha Takes Over Recap: It’s A Jungle In Here!

January 10, 2012 10:32 PM by Shayla Perry

She’s baaaaack! Tabitha Coffey is back on Bravo, and this time (with the exception of this episode), she’s taking over more than just hair salons. Find out what you missed in the hair-raising season premiere of Tabitha Takes Over after the jump.

This week on Tabitha Takes Over, Tabitha Coffey is at it again, helping Suzanne Erickson of Jungle Red salon in Minneapolis, MN get her business – and her life – back in order.

How bad are things at Jungle Red?


$40,000+ in debt, stumbling stylists, and an owner who sleeps on a futon in the back of the salon with a bin full of bras?

Tabitha to the rescue!

During the Staff Meeting, Tabitha gets the rundown from Suzanne’s employees who tell her that Suzanne’s daughter, Kari, is the one who’s been calling all the shots and enforcing the few rules they have in place.

When she has a one-on-one with Kari, Tabitha finds that there’s a little resentment built up toward her mother. Kari never planned to work in a salon, let alone run one, but she knows that her mother needs her…REALLY needs her…so she stays on despite her own dreams of becoming a yoga instructor.

Next, Tabitha puts the Jungle Red staff to the test, bringing in a few models to see the crew in action. After some very disappointing before and after pics, we’re not really sure how Jungle Red has survived all these years, but Tabitha sees the potential. (We’re going to trust her on this one…she is the professional after all.)

While some of the staff members are enjoying the learning experience, Suzanne is having a little trouble taking Tabitha’s tough criticism. Perhaps she thought that the new show name also meant there’d be a kinder, gentler Tabitha.

Tabitha’s assessment: Suzanne has a lot of growing up to do, and her staff could use a primer in professionalism; among other things.

So, to get Jungle Red out of the red and hopefully get Suzanne off of that futon, Tabitha, um…takes over and puts some rules in place for the staff — including Suzanne.

As the stylists learn some tricks of the trade, Tabitha takes Suzanne and Kari aside to talk about the business and their relationship. Again, Suzanne takes issue with Tabitha’s harsh tone and even shh’s Coffey (whaaat?!?) during their chat. But Tabitha quickly corrects her, and explains to Suzanne that she owes it to her daughter and herself to step up and take charge.

For starters, Tabitha puts Suzanne in charge of a fashion show that will be held at the salon — something that Kari would usually do. Within minutes, Suzanne is already trying to pass things off to Kari, but Tabitha tells her that Kari has the day off.

The show goes well, and both Tabitha and Kari are proud of Suzanne’s progress.

Now it’s time for a few changes to the salon’s appearance….

After lots of hard work (kudos to the production team), Tabitha unveils the new and improved Jungle Red. The staff is floored — in a good way, not because of a hangover. Best of all…no more buckets of rocks for pedicures! Tabitha’s given them not one, but two foot baths.

Another change? All of Suzanne’s clothes are gone!

Tabitha set her up with an organization that will help her find an apartment so she’s no longer living in the back room of the salon.

With the doors of Jungle Red now open again, the staff has to prove to Tabitha that they’ve got what it takes to make the salon a success — without Kari in charge.

Can they do it?

As it turns out, they can! And a large part of that is because of Suzanne’s huge confidence boost.

So what does that mean for Kari?

With no need for her at the salon, Tabitha has arranged for Kari to get a job at a local yoga studio and to start working on getting her certification.

But there’s still one other matter to take care of….Laura, the makeup artist.

Between her drinking, and smoking, and poor performance (not to mention the HORRIBLE attitude), it seems that she’s not really interested in improving, so Suzanne asks her if she wants to be part of the Jungle Red team. Laura says that she does, so Suzanne allows her to stay on, and Tabitha is impressed by the fact that she was ready to fire her if she needed to.

And with that, Suzanne gets her key again.

Weeks later, Tabitha returns to the salon and learns that things are still doing well. Suzanne not only has the respect of her employees (minus Laura, who did end up getting the boot), but she’s also got an apartment!

Tell us what you thought of the season premiere of Tabitha Takes Over in the Comments section below!

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2 Responses to “Tabitha Takes Over Recap: It’s A Jungle In Here!”

  1. Victor Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    I LOVE the West End Salon!!! That is the BEST episode so far! “Jungle Red” was pale by comparison. Dougie is a TRUE Star! What a Character! lol Tab, you gotta get with him again!

  2. Floridaseaturtle Says:
    January 15th, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    I really respect and enjoy Tabitha. I am so happy to find that she has been picked up for another season, but this time, taking over more than salons. If she has a book out, I am going to buy it. My 10 year old daughter and I both love her show.


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