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The Biggest Loser Recap: Will A Huge Gamble Prove To Be A Mistake In Week Two?

January 10, 2012 08:14 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, we met the new contestants of season thirteen, and watched as they all struggled with their first week on the ranch. After saying goodbye to Ben Shuh, the remaining players are back tonight for the dreaded second week. To make it more complicated, one team takes a huge risk, but will it cost their team the loss? Read on for all the highlight’s of tonight’s episode – including some (gasp) tension between the trainers!

The Biggest Loser was back tonight for week two, and this week kicked off with more twists. Immunity was on the line tonight, but with a twist – the person on the winning team with the highest percentage of weight loss, would get to give immunity to someone on the other team. Then it was time for gambling – Biggest Loser style, of course! Alison Sweeney joined four contestants in a poker-style room, where two members from each team would be placing a bet on how much weight they could lose. The team with the highest bet would have to live up to it, but if they could, they would get a five pound advantage at the weigh in. But if they couldn’t, they would be giving a five pound advantage to the other team.

The red team was up first since they had a higher percentage of weight loss last week, and they bet that they could lose 3.8%, or about 94 pounds total – a huge risk for week two. In the past seasons, week two was notorious for not having good losses since the contestants have a big loss in the first week. And the team was not expecting what they faced when they told Dolvett Quince about the challenge – he was livid with them with for good reason. Bob Harper, on the other hand was jumping for joy knowing that his team had the better chance to win this week!

Next on The Biggest Loser, the teams got a good workout, and Dolvett decided to implant that 94 pounds into his team by spray painting it on the gym wall, which irritated Bob just a bit. But that was not the only tension between the trainers, as Bob seemed a bit irritated that Dolvett was using his normal exercises – it was quite comical to watch! The contestants were also treated to a trip to the grocery store this week, with the nutritionist, and despite the fact that they all wanted to flock to the snack aisles, she showed them exactly how to fill their baskets properly, and advised them (keep this in mind at home) to think of the cart as their stomach when filling it.

At this week’s challenge, the teams had to crank a wheel-type machine, grab puzzle pieces, put a puzzle together and get it up before the other team. The teams were neck in neck, but the black team ended up getting it done a split second before the red team, and for the win they earned 6 months of The Biggest Loser meal plans for themselves. Dolvett had a nice heart to heart with Mike this week, where Mike revealed that his relationship with his brother was strained, and it bothered him that Joe was not spending time with him.

Then it was time for another last chance workout, and Bob Harper could not take the tension any longer, and dragged his team outside to work out. But Bob’s aggravation continued outside as Gail was quick to take a seat, and Bob made sure she paid the price, as he had her sit down and get pulled around on some contraption. Meanwhile, in the gym, Dolvett was in full on game mode as he was determined to win the weigh in, but 94 pounds was a lot of weight, could they pull it off? This is how the teams fared at the weigh in this week:

Bob Harper’s Black Team

from 313 lbs to 308 lbs (-5)

from 349 lbs to 341 lbs (-8)

from 252 lbs to 248 lbs (-4)

from 232 lbs to 226 (-6)

from 376 lbs to 369 (-7)

from 342 lbs to 334 lbs (-8)

from 254 lbs to 250 lbs (-5)

from 225 lbs to 220 lbs (-5)

*Total team loss of 52 lbs and 2.22%

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team

Roy aka Santa
from 292 lbs to 287 lbs (-5)

from 285 lbs to 279 lbs (-6)

from 345 lbs to 338 (-7)

from 210 lbs to 206 lbs (-4)

from 237 lbs to 233 lbs (-4)

from 282 lbs to 275 lbs (-7)

from 212 lbs to 207 lbs (-5)

from 239lbs to 236 lbs (-3)

from 403 lbs to 381 (-9)

*Total team loss of 52 lbs and 2.09%

Dolvett’s team did not even come close to 94 pounds, which landed Bob’s black team the five pound advantage. Bob’s team ended up winning the weigh in, which delighted him immensely. When it was time to dish out immunity, Mark has the highest percentage of loss, and was automatically safe. On the black team, it was Chris who had the highest percentage, and it was a no brainer that we would be seeing Santa for at least one more week.

Despite that you may have thought it would be Kim or Kimmy going home this week, the majority of the votes went to Mike, due to his attitude. Mike and Conda actually had a heated argument in the elimination room, but most of the other contestants said that Mike needed to learn to love himself. After his elimination, Mike has lost over 50 lbs, continues his healthy lifestyle at home, and promises to be an Alec Baldwin at the finale!

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  1. lisa wisdom Says:
    January 11th, 2012 at 4:20 am

    I think it is cool watching Bob and Dorvett training the contestants together. It is neat how Bob and Dorvett keep watch at what is going on with the other trainer. We know Bob is an excellent trainer and it is appearing the Dorvett is pretty awesome hisself.


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