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Alison Sweeney Talks About The Million Pound Pledge, The Biggest Loser, And Staying Healthy

January 11, 2012 01:17 PM by Lisa Princ

When you think of NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, aside from Bob Harper, (and this season Dolvett Quince), who do you think of? For me, that is Alison Sweeney, as she seems to be the face of The Biggest Loser. The beautiful host, and Days Of Our Lives actress is one busy lady, but she always make time to ensure that she and her entire family (including her dog, Winky) are on the right path to healthy living. Reality TV Magazine had a chance to catch up with Alison Sweeney, where dished about the million pound pledge, the current season of The Biggest Loser, and how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Biggest Loser‘s Alison Sweeney chatted with us yesterday, while she was promoting the Million Pound Pledge. Alison Sweeney has teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, makers of Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® pet foods to take the pledge to help their pets get healthy. The Million Pound Pledge is a national call-to-action for pet owners to help their cats and dogs lose weight and get back on track to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. You can join Alison in taking the pledge by visiting www.PetFit.com through March 30 and enter for the chance to meet her at The Biggest Loser live finale in May. Check out what Alison wanted to share with us below!

RTVM: Tell us about The Million Pound Pledge and how you became involved.

Alison Sweeney: This is really important to me, and has been a great experience. You know, I was so focused on a healthy lifestyle for my family and myself, and I have such a healthy mindset, so imagine my surprise when I took my dog, Winky to the vet and learned that she was overweight. I mean, I have been so conscious of my healthy lifestyle, and Winky is such an important part of my family’s life. Now Winky is on Science Diet and has lost weight – she can even beat me up the mountain! I am proud to be a part of this, and I love to encourage others to do the same for their pets.

RTVM: How are you enjoying The Biggest Loser this season?

Alison Sweeney: I love the concept of no excuses. You can give out advice, and push them to do as many workouts as possible, but it all comes down to mindset. People constantly make excuses for why they can’t do it, and it’s about stepping out of that comfort zone. It’s great fun with Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, and I am enjoying getting to know the contestants better.

RTVM: Fans were thrilled when they learned that Dolvett Quince would be returning, can you share your thoughts on why Anna Kournikova did not return?

Alison Sweeney: She was definitely a great trainer, but I think it all came down to her goals and ambition. It is majorly time-consuming, and it is not for everyone.

RTVM: You are truly an inspiration to women everywhere. How do you stay so fit with so many projects?

Alison Sweeney: Thank you, that is sweet to hear. For me, keeping in shape is about committing. I set a goal and it’s all about maintaining that goal. Maintaining is hard, but I just wrap my head around that everyday. I mean, if I slack off for the holidays or whatnot, I just get up and get back into my mindset the next day. It’s funny because I returned to set of Days Of Our Lives, and I was getting fitted in wardrobe, and they could not believe that I was the only person who lost weight during the holidays. For me though, the holidays are a luxury, and not about eating, but instead to spend time being active with my kids, and do things like yoga classes. I am in heaven just being able to do that.

RTVM: How do you make sure your children are on the path to a healthy lifestyle?

Alison Sweeney: For them, it is all about balance. Not telling them they can’t have this, but teaching them to eat a certain portion. I am very straight-forward about teaching them that food is fuel. Sometimes I will reference Disney’s Cars as an example of how our bodies use food. No one should be eating from an emotional attachment, and I think that is important for them to learn. It’s all about calories in, and calories out – simple mechanics, and they seem to get it.

RTVM: We hear you have a book coming out, can you tell us about it?

Alison Sweeney: Yes, I am writing a novel. I am really excited about it. On Days Of Our Lives, I have the story written for me, and I love to tell stories, so it’s been great to be able to tell a story. The book will probably be available in 2013.

Thank you so much to Alison Sweeney for speaking to us! And again, be sure to join the Million Pound Pledge and watch Alison’s weight management tip videos visit www.PetFit.com or Facebook.com/HillsPetUS. If your pet is overweight, Hill’s® Science Diet® Light provides precisely balanced nutrition to help dogs and cats achieve and maintain their ideal weight. With 30 percent less fat and 19 percent fewer calories than Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Advanced Fitness Original and Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Optimal Care™ Original formulas, Hill’s Science Diet Light is created with high-quality ingredients for a great taste pets are sure to love.

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Photo Courtesy of Hill’s Science Diet

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