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Extreme Couponing All-Stars: Recap

January 11, 2012 06:11 AM by Beth Stewart

Over the weeks, Extreme Couponing All-Stars will pit twelve of the best Extreme Couponers together in a shopping challenge. The person who can save more wins. Last week on TLC‘s Extreme Couponing All-Stars Joni beat Jen and Judy creamed Antoinette. Those winners move to the finals.

Tonight Perry takes on Jessica, and Carla takes on Fatima for the “Golden Shopping Cart” trophy and a spot in Extreme Couponing All-Stars Finals. The rules: Each person has thirty minutes to get at least fifteen unique items and spend a minimum of five hundred dollars. After the challenge all purchases are donated to charity.

First up is Jessica verses Perry. Tattoo lover and Virginian Perry is a vegan – a huge disadvantage in the coupon world. Her side-kick is mother-in-law Pat. The Super Mom from Idaho, Jessica, has three years experience under her belt and has the help of her husband Bill. While scouting the store, she and Bill relieve a little stress when Bill rides in the cart and Jessica pushes him around laughing. They begin the competition.

Perry absolutely runs through the store. Jessica’s a little slower but freaks when she can’t seem to follow her plan. Jessica begins racing around and scores some free cheese. When the clock stops, Perry is devastated to think she’s made an oversight on the mandatory fifteen items. Disaster!

Jessica and Bill checkout with eight transactions. Her total is $833.04. Her coupons change that to $74.46 for a total savings of 90%. She’s very happy and figures she has won.

At checkout, Perry’s frustrated. She figures she’s messed up bad but then, yay, it turns out she hasn’t. She has over five hundred items and a total of $713.15. However, when the register reaches it’s doubling limit, coupons have to be entered by hand. The suspense is killing her. Finally her total is tallied at zero dollars with 100% savings. She’s won and secured her spot in the All-Star finals. Lots of woot, woots can be heard throughout the store.

Next up is Michigan’s Fatima verses North Dakotan Carla. Carla brags that she’s part of the Coupon Mafia but Fatima’s not intimidated. “It’s a joke”, she says. Rules are the same, coupons are the game. Best friend Amanda is helping Carla and Fatima’s hubby is by her side. Fatima tells him he needs to be outgoing and enthusiastic when he cheers her on, but he speaks in a monotone. What a laugh!

These shopping warriors hit the grocery store and they’re off!

Carla gets lost, then needs help from the staff. Fatima shrieks when she sees the size of her pre-ordered items. She makes lots of noise screaming for clerks to hurry to help her. Fatima’s strategy is overages. Carla’s not into that. She loses her cart,  some time then ends up done first. Fatima’s still running around the store. Brian yells at her to keep going as Fatima shrieks, then she goes wild when she thinks she’s forgotten an item. Fatima soon finishes with more shrieking. This girl never stops making noises.

Carla confidently ends up with 97.4% savings. When Fatima’s coupons are going through, she goes a little nuts when the total on the register stops dropping. Her coupons have frozen the register and store managers intervene. She ends up with a savings of 99.96%. Fatima wins and yells, “I am the coupon master.”

Carla is satisfied with the food back donation and Fatima makes even more noise. Woo! Hoo!

Tune in next week to see more Extreme Couponers All-Stars in Action! What did you think about tonight’s show? Do you coupon? Will you be clipping soon? Let us know if you’d want to put in this kind of time to coupon.

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