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Tori & Dean Recap: Home Sweet Hollywood – The Pregnancy Police

January 11, 2012 12:28 AM by Ashley Lee

Even though last week’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood delivered the pregnancy news to the public (via Twitter, of course), both Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling push themselves to the limit for Royal Wedding week: a wedding plan on Access Hollywood, Dean’s class cooking debut, a Royal Wedding sleepover viewing party, Tori’s stint on Fashion Police and the kids ballet recital. And why not squeeze in a surprise romantic date too, Dean? How about a couple cover shoots and an interview, Tori? Because honestly, sleep is for the weak, the lazy, the pregnant…oh, wait a second…

Since the McDermott’s are considered wedding experts because of all the “sTORIbook weddings” they plan, William and Kate’s Royal wedding has filled up Tori and Dean’s schedule for the week. ”Pregnant or not, T fills her schedule with these crazy obligations. She thrives on it,” says Dean. “She’s like a Tazmanian Devil!”

Things kick off with a “summer wedding how-to” segment on Access Hollywood.

Then Dean and the Art Institute of California cooking class host a Friends & Family Night, presenting their work to guests of the students, including Tori. ”It’s okay when I fail in front of the other students, but failing in front of T and the gay team” is not an option.

However, five minutes before the guests arrive, Dean accidentally knocks a knife into his hand while carving braised pork.

“I’m gonna look like such a rookie,” he says. “People are gonna be thinking…can he even cook?” After eight quick stitches, his teacher gives him the greenlight to continue cooking for the evening — which turns out to be a delicious success!

And of course, being the party planner that she is, Tori just has to throw a Royal Wedding sleepover viewing party, which doesn’t let anyone sleep since the wedding ends just in time for breakfast on the West Coast. ”What are you, the pregnancy police?” Tori says to friends. “I can work as much as I want!”

Tori stocks up on tiaras and makes an English trifle for guests to snack on, and Dean volunteers to cook up a traditional English breakfast for everyone once the wedding is over. Again, another successful party…thank goodness Access Hollywood caught it on tape when they stopped by in the middle of the night for a quick interview with Tori, right?

But Tori can’t sleep just yet. After staying up all night — with the exception of, as she says, briefly resting her eyelids towards the end of the wedding — Tori heads over to E! for the Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police special, where she’ll be bantering with the comedienne on the Royal Wedding fashion flubs. Even though she’s falling asleep in the makeup chair, she has to pull this off. “I know my limits, which there aren’t any,” says Tori. “I mean, it’s Joan Rivers!”

And who is her fellow guest host? It’s Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls, a close friend of Tori’s who is also pregnant…however, Melanie is two months ahead but somehow looks twenty pounds smaller. The episode films with plenty of funny lines from Tori: “That aisle was so long and I was not looking at Kate, I was looking at Pippa’s bum,” she jokes. “Baby got back!”

Though Tori finally gets some much needed rest, there’s still the kids’ big ballet recital and two magazine photo shoots. Stella has a mini-meltdown during the dance rehearsal and Liam refuses to dress up like Charlie Chaplin for an old Hollywood-inspired magazine cover that features the family, but both children eventually come to their senses and give their parents a break by finally cooperating.

“It totally gets hectic at times, and it’s truly exhausting, but who says you can’t juggle work and family?” Tori reflects. “Best feeling in the world.”

So what’s the best way to unwind during such a busy week? Rule out sleep and spa days, because Dean plans a surprise date for Tori by cooking her a multiple-course meal at a friend’s restaurant. Though the date leaves Tori waiting at the dining table alone for most of the night as Dean prepares each course, it’s worth it as Tori is incredibly impressed by Dean’s skills. ”I knew you were a good cook, but I didn’t know you could do this…at this level.” she comments.

And though Dean almost lost a finger while cooking earlier in the episode, he stands by the risk. “I’m loving every minute in this kitchen. To see the look on T’s face, and enjoying the food I created.”

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

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