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Jersey Shore Recap: One Man Down

January 12, 2012 09:30 PM by Martha Zaborowski

Last week on the Jersey Shore, we encountered Sad-Faced Vinny. Sad-Faced Vinny wears black hipster glasses and misses his family. This week, he’s still alarmingly wearing his spectacles and feeling anxious. Come triste.

At the club, Mike meets again with his former Jersey Shore lady friend, Paula, otherwise known as “A Shore Thing.” I suspect we shore will hear about her later this season.

It’s a dark, rainy night with thunder and lightning and Snooki and her boyfriend Jionni get soaked walking home. In a very ironic twist of a situation, Jionni has to borrow clothes from Snooki’s-supposed-secret-smush-partner, Mike, and cooks for him in the kitchen. Such a love fest. The love fest continues with Ronnie and Pauly cuddling in bed. This was supposed to be Ronnie’s way to “get back” at Pauly for pulling pranks. Yeah, sure, Ronnie.

Vin in the meantime is still moping and comes late to work at the T-shirt shop. Vinny decides to talk to the one adult in the Jersey Shore universe, T-shirt Shop Boss, Danny. He tells him he has clinical anxiety. He can’t sleep and needs to build up some positive momentum. So Pauly decides to take Vinny out to a mani-pedi man date. It’s very sweet, but Vin still feels a little down.

It’s the first night of Karma! Deena meets up with Damian, her old hook-up partner. She’s so excited she doing the Jersey Turnpike and is talking about handing out her Golden Ticket. Meanwhile, Nicole is being Snooki (per Ronnie: “wasted off her face”), and Jionni has to take care of her. Mike and Pauly take girls home, and Vin goes to sleep alone.

Pauly’s smush partner takes his diamond chain home that night and brings it back to the Shore house the next day. Nicole speculates she stole it just to bring it back to smash Pauly. You’re probably right, Sherlock Snooki.

Even though Pauly took him out on a spa day and Ronnie wins him a large stuffed animal at the boardwalk, Vinny is still depressed and wants to go home. So much of this show is comical and there tends to be a requirement to be silly when recapping this show; but in all seriousness, it makes me sad to see Vinny depressed and I’m glad he maturely examines his feelings and decides to do something about it. Vinny calls his family to pick him up. Pauly is frustrated he can’t help him. The look of despair on Pauly’s face is reminiscent to one of the first times we heard Sammi shout “I’m done.” Vinny leaves, and there’s a dark cloud over Karma that night.

Were you surprised how affected Pauly was by Vinny leaving the house? Did you find this episode a little boring? What are you looking forward to this season of Jersey Shore on MTV?

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