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Project Runway All Stars Took On Opera Couture Last Night

January 13, 2012 12:42 PM by Lisa Princ

Project Runway All Stars was back last night on Lifetime, and if you missed it, you missed some beautiful design creations. Last night, the the All Star contestants were put to the ultimate test of designing a couture gown! With everyone watching “The Couture King” aka Austin Scarlett, was he able to wow the judges for a win? Read on to find out!

Project Runway All Stars kicked off last night as the challenge was laid on the table for the contestants: create a gown for the a night at the Opera. The judges were also looking for a true couture touch, that was feminine, romantic and soft, but they only had one day and $350 to construct it – was that even possible? Anthony Williams disagreed with the thought of calling it couture, as he thought the judges should classify this challenge as “really, really, really pumped up prom dresses.”

As they headed off to Mood, Michael Costello and April Johnston both had the same idea – a red gown. Michael became infuriated by the idea of doing a red gown just like April, and after a quick tantrum, he decided to go with black instead. Meanwhile, all eyes were on Austin Scarlett since this was his specialty. Austin was even given added pressure as Joanna Coles, who is Marie Clare’s editor-in-chief told him that she could not wait to see what he came up with, and added that he was “brilliant.” Nothing like a little pressure, but could he pull it off?

By the end of the challenge, it was clear that some of the All Stars “got it,” while others seemed to have missed the memo about making an elegant Opera gown – some of them looked like a summer afternoon dress! After the models took their walk down the runway, Anthony Williams, April Johnston, “Sweet P” Vaughn, Austin Scarlett, Kara Janx, and Michael Costello were told that they received the highest and lowest scores this week. While it may have been obvious to us which looks were in the top and the bottom, some of the contestants looked dumbfounded.

So what did the judges think? Let’s just say that “Sweet P” and Kara did not impress them with their floral designs, which did not seem appropriate for a night at the Opera. Meanwhile, April’s red gown (remember how upset Michael was about her taking the red?) did not impress, and it looked like a big ole mess. The gown looked tie-dyed black at the bottom and had pieces stitched on that looked like they did not belong there, but instead were there by mistake. Her dress looked rushed and messy, and she definitely would have been my pick to go home.

In the top three were Anthony Williams, Michael Costello, and…you guessed it, Austin Scarlett! Anthony Williams went with white – and no it did not look like a bridal gown, but instead he created this flowing, beautiful, gown that just looked flawless. Michael Costello came up with this stunning black evening gown that was loaded with bling, and had black feathers up the neckline, and a stunning jewel strap around the small of the back. Meanwhile, the king of couture, Austin Scarlett created a lovely gold gown with black tulle.

While I personally loved Anthony and Michael’s gowns the best, the judges voted that Austin Scarlett was this week’s winner. After much deliberation about the bottom three, they then announced that it would be “Sweet P” Vaughn and her floral gown that would be heading home this week! If you missed any of the looks last night, be sure to check out Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars for more pictures and details! Did you tune in to Project Runway All Stars last night? Do you agree with the judges decision? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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