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It’s A Brad, Brad World Recap: The Motherload

January 17, 2012 12:40 AM by Ashley Lee

To be honest, every episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World that’s aired so far seems to be pretty much identical to each other: he scores a new styling gig, goes to another media event, faces a little rejection and either cries about how badly he wants to be great in fashion or cries about how thankful he is to have had so many great opportunities in the industry. However, tonight’s episode was a little different: Brad Goreski opens up about his dark past, coming out, and staying away from his father. Read on for the recap, complete with a little Nate Berkus, Tory Burch and apparently the best Italian lasagna ever.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and Brad’s mother and sister have flown in to finally meet Gary’s family for the first time, even though the two have been dating for ten years. After breakfast, Brad takes his family shopping at Tory Burch, but just because they’re the family of a stylist doesn’t mean they themselves are necessarily fashionistas themselves. ”My sister all my life has dressed more masculine than me, so it’s really fun for me to get my sister to try to wear a pair of heels,” says Brad. “I have a pair under my desk for a rainy day…why shouldn’t she?”

Brad also takes a minute to meet with the co-author of his upcoming book, Born To Be Brad: My Life and Style…So Far. They discuss his childhood, and Brad elaborates on a memory from when he was eleven years old and visited a special doctor. He was put in a room with girls’ toys on one side, boys’ toys on the other, and a mirror on the wall (which Brad knew they could see through).  ”I played with boys’ toys for half an hour,” he says. “It was the longest half hour of my life because the Barbies were calling me.”

Brad also touches on his dark past with alcohol and drugs. ”It wasn’t all color-blocking and glitter!” he laughs. How will be feel once holding the book? “I’ll probably cry.”

Brad takes his family to The Nate Berkus Show, where he makes over three policewomen. His mother is absolutely starstruck when meeting Nate Berkus, who says to her, ”I heard you like me more than you like your son!” And she doesn’t do much to rebuttal.

And finaly, Brad’s subdued Canadian family meets Gary’s Italian clan. “We’re an Italian American family taken down a few notches,” Gary says. However, Brad’s mother and sister are little too quiet throughout dinner and go way too long without saying a single word…which is NOT okay in an Italin kitchen!

“Before you swallow the bite, you should be talking about the bite!” says Gary, and his mother is left wondering if Brad’s family even liked the food. After a few awkward compliments are delivered over the kitchen sink, the mystery is solved: Felicia, they loved the meal.

The couple flies back to Los Angeles and Brad is anxious to get to work, which starts with training his new personal assistant, Lindsay, and finding a permanent office space. “I don’t tell her I don’t know how I’m gonna pay her, right?” says Brad to Gary.

Maybe he won’t have to, because Lindsay hasn’t driven a car for six years. And has no idea around Los Angeles traffic. And her phone dies while trying to go to Brad and Gary’s house. And shows up hours late to her first day of work, when she also insists on calling Brad “babe.”

Her first job? Find an office space for under $3,000 a month in West Hollywood. We’ll see how well this goes, especially since the next episode somehow involves Ashton Kutcher and a trip to Alabama!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of It’s A Brad, Brad World?

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