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Paula Deen Confirms She Has Type 2 Diabetes

January 17, 2012 06:58 AM by Megan Thompson

Paula Deen talked with Al Roker this morning on the Today show and confirmed she has type 2 diabetes.  The Food Network star is known for her southern, butter-loving, cooking.  So did all of Paula Deen’s southern cooking finally catch up with her?  Keep reading to find out what Paula Deen had to say y’all! 

Rumors have been flying that the Next Food Network guest judge was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Well the southern cook, who is loved by many, confirmed that she does have type 2 diabetes.  Paula spoke with Al Roker on the Today show to share the news and what she has to say about her cooking and current diet.

When asked by Al Roker if she had type 2 diabetes Paula answered, “I was diagnosed three years ago.”  The southern chef said she shared the news with her family, but wanted to keep the news close to her chest.  Paula explained she had nothing to give her fellow friends and she wanted to talk to her doctor. 

Al Roker did ask the question that everyone wanted to know, did her diet and her famous cooking cause this disease?  Well, Paula did a good job of defending the food that made her famous. ”I’ve always encouraged moderation. I share yummy and fatty recipes, but I tell people in moderation. Here is what I want to get across to people, first start by going to the doctor and ask to be tested for diabetes and then get on a program that works for you.”  When further probed by Al if this news would damage her reputation, Paula shared, “No, people are not going to quit eating.”  Paula also wanted to get across that her show is for entertainment and she has never eaten like that every day.

Paula definitely looked thinner than she has in the past, so it seems she is taking better care of herself.  Do you think Paula was trying to do some damage control?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

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