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The Biggest Loser Recap: It’s A Face Off This Week And Someone Walks Off The Ranch

January 17, 2012 08:22 PM by Lisa Princ

Alison Sweeney and the gang were back tonight on NBC‘s The Biggest Loser, after Mike Messina’s elimination last week. This week, it’s face off week on the ranch, and it brings some major drama between a pair of contestants, a temptation challenge, and video chats from home. And in a season of no excuses, one contestant gives the ultimate excuse, and leaves the ranch! Read on for all the highlights of tonight’s episode!

The Biggest Loser kicked off week three as Joe expressed his depression about missing family to Jeremy, who assured him that he would be fine. Then the teams had to tackle their first temptation challenge: a Chinese buffet! But this temptation challenge was different as the teams would be facing off this week at the weigh in, in pairs. For each winning weigh in, that team would get one point, and the team with the most points would win the weigh in. For the temptation, the team that ate the most calories would have control over who would face off who and a 2 lb advantage to use however they liked. If no one ate, the players would face off against their family members, but you know that someone had to eat, right?

Oh yes, the red team decided that they “needed” to control things and made sure that someone ate, although they struggled to decide who should eat. Cassandra finally gave in and ate a fortune cookie, just be sure they had the control if the other team did not eat. The black team showed more restraint as they did not eat anything and just decided to let fate take over. With that said, Cassandra earned a 2 lb advantage that she could keep or dish out and split up right before the weigh in. Then she decided who would be paired up with who, and she chose: Gail and Kimmy, Chism and Kim, Megan and Buddy, Nancy and Joe, Roy and Emily, Mark and Chris, Jeremy and Lauren, and herself with Conda.

But then the dynamics of the face off were shaken up on The Biggest Loser as Joe decided he was packing up and leaving the show. Yes, in a Biggest Loser first, Joe packed his bags and walked off, while giving the other contestants the ultimate excuse: he missed his family. Most of them were pissed at him, I mean we all know that each and every one of them misses their family, but they don’t cop out like that. Meanwhile, no one was madder than Bob Harper, who decided to call Joe and give him heck for leaving, but Joe seemed like it did not phase him one bit. Something tells us that he will be the contestant who loses next to nothing at the finale. Joe’s departure also caused the black team to forfeit one of their face off points to Nancy.

Challenge time was comical this week as we watched the teams lug around buckets of water, trying to get as much of it as possible to melt a block of ice, which held a prize. The teams were neck in neck most of the challenge, but it was the red team who ended up winning, and when they opened their box, it was video chats from home! When Chris heard this, she broke down in Bob’s arms as she would not get to chat with her kids – or would she? Of course she would, because Roy gave his chat to her. And the giving spirit continued as Mark gave his chat to his son Chism, and then Buddy passed his chat on to Mark so that he and Chism could share it!

And what would a face off be without a little drama and claws? Oh, we’re not talking about Bob and Dolvett this week, although I think those two are just loving the competitiveness! This week it was Conda and Cassandra, or more so Conda, who seems to have a slight attitude problem. Conda was ticked from the second she learned that she would be facing off against Cassandra, and the two got into a heated exchange.

That exchange carried over into a challenge Dolvett held for the two of them. Cassandra won the workout challenge, and Conda was certain she cheated, but played “good sport” with an attitude and bought Cassandra lunch. After continuous accusations of cheating by Conda, Dolvett made the two girls face off in another challenge, which Cassandra one again won. Conda was even more aggravated at this point and swore she would beat Cassandra in the weigh in. Has anyone else noticed that Conda has had this nasty attitude from the start of the season? I am really hoping she gets the boot next week – I know I cannot be the only one?

Cassandra decided that she was going to split up her 2 lb advantage and give 1 lb to Gail, and the other one to Megan, in hopes that it would help them. After an intense last chance workout this week, this is how the pairs fared in the face off:

from 308 lbs to 302 lbs (-6)* one lb advantage
from 206 lbs to 203 lbs (-3)
*one point for Bob’s black team

from 341 lbs to 332 lbs (-9)
from 236 lbs to 230 lbs (-6)
*one point for Bob’s black team

from 248 lbs to 240 lbs (-8) * one lb advantage
from 372 lbs to 363 (-9)
*one point for Bob’s black team

from 226 lbs to 222 (-4)
from 274 lbs to 266 lbs (-8)
*one point for Dolvett’s red team

from 369 lbs to 358 (-11)
from 233 lbs to 230 lbs (-3)
*one point for Bob’s black team

from 250 lbs to 244 lbs (-6)
Roy aka Santa
from 287 lbs to 278 lbs (-9)
*one point for Dolvett’s red team

from 220 lbs to 212 lbs (-8)
from 278 lbs to 275 lbs (-3)
*one point for Bob’s black team

from 207 lbs to 205 lbs (-2)
*one point for Dolvett’s red team

Bob Harper’s team won the face off 5-3, and even more rewarding was that Conda got beat once again. When Dolvett called her out on her excuses, Conda gave him an attitude (and the previews for next week show her attitude with Dolvett only getting worse.) In the end, the red team decided to send Lauren home, because she had the least amount of distractions and they knew she could get the job done at home. To date, Lauren has lost over 50 lbs and is determined to win the at home prize.

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